BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterHack: Require pandas to be >=0.22.0 for debugginLisa Nguyen2 weeks
nextMerge pull request #538 from setrofim/nextmarcbonnici15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-04Hack: Require pandas to be >=0.22.0 for debugginHEADmasterLisa Nguyen
2019-02-04Fixed an error emptying the reading buffer of the pollerpablololo12
2019-01-31fw/target/info: Fix for KernelConfig refactorMarc Bonnici
2019-01-30fw/workload: Fix TypoMarc Bonnici
2019-01-30workloads/manual: Fix incorrect attribute used to access targetMarc Bonnici
2019-01-30output_processors/postgresql: Ensure screen resolution is a listMarc Bonnici
2019-01-28doc/faq: Add answer on how to fall back to surfaceflingerMarc Bonnici
2019-01-28instruments/fps: Fix TypoMarc Bonnici
2019-01-11fw/workload: Add a 'View' parameter to ApkWorkloadsMarc Bonnici
2019-01-11setup: Update devlib requirements to development versions.Marc Bonnici