BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
abx500-spawn-gpio-irqchipARM: ux500: assign IRQs for AB8500 GPIO in the DTLinus Walleij5 years
earlydebugUglygack for earlydebug printasciiLinus Walleij10 months
hsimach-ux500: platform data for ST-E HSI controllerPawel Szyszuk7 years
masterARM/dma-mapping: remove the arm specific phys to dma translation helpersChristoph Hellwig4 months
prcmu-mailboxslaskLinus Walleij6 years
sensorsscratch PMLinus Walleij4 years
stmpeslaskLinus Walleij10 months
tc3589x-gpiohack-testUglyhack for testing GPIO on Ux500, do not applyLinus Walleij7 months
tcmARM TCM sample codeLinus Walleij10 months
ux500ARM: ux500: make ux500_cpu_die staticBen Dooks10 months
ux500-ab8500-hierarchicalnested hiearchy hackLinus Walleij15 months
ux500-audioaudio DMA debug codeLinus Walleij4 years
ux500-audio-rewritedebugLinus Walleij3 years
ux500-bindingsLinux 5.10-rc2Linus Torvalds4 months
ux500-crypto-hashslaskLinus Walleij4 years
ux500-defconfigARM: defconfig: u8500: Enable CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TM2_TOUCHKEYNick Reitemeyer8 months
ux500-dtsARM: dts: ux500-golden: Add proper supplies to touchscreenLinus Walleij3 months
ux500-href520videomode hackLinus Walleij10 months