path: root/sound/pci/asihpi/asihpi.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-05ALSA: asihpi: More constificationsTakashi Iwai
2019-12-11ALSA: asihpi: Drop superfluous ioctl PCM opsTakashi Iwai
2019-12-11ALSA: asihpi: Use managed buffer allocationTakashi Iwai
2019-11-06ALSA: pci: Avoid non-standard macro usageTakashi Iwai
2019-07-08Merge tag 'asoc-v5.3' of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broo...Takashi Iwai
2019-07-05ALSA: asihpi: Remove unneeded variable changeHariprasad Kelam
2019-06-05treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 273Thomas Gleixner
2019-02-06ALSA: pci: Clean up with new procfs helpersTakashi Iwai
2018-11-19ALSA: asihpi: clean up indentation, replace spaces with tabColin Ian King
2018-07-27ALSA: asihpi: Fix PCM format notationsTakashi Iwai
2018-05-28sound: Use octal not symbolic permissionsJoe Perches
2017-10-16ALSA: asihpi: clean up a couple of build warningsColin Ian King
2017-10-05ALSA: asihpi: Convert timers to use timer_setup()Kees Cook
2017-09-07ALSA: asihpi: Kill BUG_ON() usagesTakashi Iwai
2016-09-02ALSA: constify snd_pcm_ops structuresJulia Lawall
2015-03-24ALSA: asihpi: Fix duplicate const for clock sourcesKrzysztof Kozlowski
2015-01-19ALSA: asihpi: Use setup_timer() and mod_timer()Takashi Iwai
2015-01-02ALSA: asihpi: Remove always NULL parameterLars-Peter Clausen
2014-11-22ALSA: asihpi: Use standard printk helpersEliot Blennerhassett
2014-11-22ALSA: asihpi: Add support for stream interrupt.Eliot Blennerhassett
2014-11-22ALSA: asihpi: Logging format improvementsEliot Blennerhassett
2014-11-22ALSA: asihpi: New I/O types - AVB & BLUlink, DAB Rf receiverEliot Blennerhassett
2014-11-22ALSA: asihpi: Minor string and dead code cleanupEliot Blennerhassett
2014-11-09ALSA: pcm: Add snd_pcm_stop_xrun() helperTakashi Iwai
2014-10-21ALSA: asihpi: Use snd_ctl_enum_info()Takashi Iwai
2014-08-12PCI: Remove DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE macro useBenoit Taine
2014-03-31ALSA: asihpi: fix some indenting in snd_card_asihpi_pcm_new()Dan Carpenter
2014-02-12ALSA: pci: Convert to snd_card_new() with a device pointerTakashi Iwai
2013-09-13ALSA: asihpi: a couple array out of bounds issuesDan Carpenter
2013-07-15ALSA: asihpi: Fix unlocked snd_pcm_stop() callTakashi Iwai
2013-06-28ALSA: Replace the magic number 44 with constTakashi Iwai
2013-04-29ALSA: asihpi: add format support check in snd_card_asihpi_capture_formatsEldad Zack
2013-04-29ALSA: pcm_format_to_bits strong-typed conversionEldad Zack
2013-03-12ALSA: asihpi - fix potential NULL pointer dereferenceWei Yongjun
2012-12-07ALSA: pci: remove __dev* attributesBill Pemberton
2012-10-06sound: Remove unnecessary semicolonPeter Senna Tschudin
2012-08-14ALSA: PCI: Replace CONFIG_PM with CONFIG_PM_SLEEPTakashi Iwai
2012-01-09ALSA: asihpi - Fix potential Oops in snd_asihpi_cmode_info()Takashi Iwai
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Fix format validity check.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Use valid channel count in format enumeration.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Add HPI version to module description.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Remove redundant struct members.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Update node types.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Only set sync if card supports hardware stream grouping.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Relax drained check for more reliable playback startup.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Use snd_pcm_debug_name to get substream name.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Volumes and meters may have 1 or 2 channels.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - Low latency mode stream has fixed channel count.Eliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-22ALSA: asihpi - fix pcm dma pointer trackingEliot Blennerhassett
2011-12-19ALSA: module_param: make bool parameters really boolRusty Russell