path: root/mm/vmstat.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-05mm: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functionsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2018-12-28mm: convert zone->managed_pages to atomic variableArun KS
2018-11-18mm/vmstat.c: fix NUMA statistics updatesJanne Huttunen
2018-10-26mm/vmstat.c: assert that vmstat_text is in sync with stat_items_sizeJann Horn
2018-10-26mm: workingset: add vmstat counter for shadow nodesJohannes Weiner
2018-10-26mm: workingset: tell cache transitions from workingset thrashingJohannes Weiner
2018-10-26mm: rename and change semantics of nr_indirectly_reclaimable_bytesVlastimil Babka
2018-10-05mm/vmstat.c: skip NR_TLB_REMOTE_FLUSH* properlyJann Horn
2018-10-05mm/vmstat.c: fix outdated vmstat_textJann Horn
2018-06-28Revert mm/vmstat.c: fix vmstat_update() preemption BUGSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2018-05-16proc: introduce proc_create_seq{,_data}Christoph Hellwig
2018-05-11mm: don't show nr_indirectly_reclaimable in /proc/vmstatRoman Gushchin
2018-04-11mm: introduce NR_INDIRECTLY_RECLAIMABLE_BYTESRoman Gushchin
2018-03-28mm/vmstat.c: fix vmstat_update() preemption BUGSteven J. Hill
2017-11-15mm, sysctl: make NUMA stats configurableKemi Wang
2017-11-15mm: remove unused pgdat->inactive_ratioAndrey Ryabinin
2017-09-08mm: consider the number in local CPUs when reading NUMA statsKemi Wang
2017-09-08mm: update NUMA counter threshold sizeKemi Wang
2017-09-08mm: change the call sites of numa statistics itemsKemi Wang
2017-09-06mm, swap: add swap readahead hit statisticsHuang Ying
2017-09-06mm/vmstat.c: fix wrong commentSeongJae Park
2017-09-06mm/vmstat: fix divide error at __fragmentation_indexWen Yang
2017-09-06mm: rename global_page_state to global_zone_page_stateMichal Hocko
2017-09-06mm, THP, swap: add THP swapping out fallback countingHuang Ying
2017-09-06mm: test code to write THP to swap device as a wholeHuang Ying
2017-07-10mm: avoid taking zone lock in pagetypeinfo_showmixed()Vinayak Menon
2017-07-06mm: vmstat: move slab statistics from zone to node countersJohannes Weiner
2017-07-06mm/oom_kill: count global and memory cgroup oom killsKonstantin Khlebnikov
2017-07-06mm, vmstat: skip reporting offline pages in pagetypeinfoMichal Hocko
2017-07-06mm/vmstat.c: standardize file operations variable namesAnshuman Khandual
2017-05-12mm, vmstat: Remove spurious WARN() during zoneinfo printReza Arbab
2017-05-03mm, vmstat: suppress pcp stats for unpopulated zones in zoneinfoDavid Rientjes
2017-05-03mm, vmstat: print non-populated zones in zoneinfoDavid Rientjes
2017-05-03mm: move MADV_FREE pages into LRU_INACTIVE_FILE listShaohua Li
2017-05-03mm: delete NR_PAGES_SCANNED and pgdat_reclaimable()Johannes Weiner
2017-05-03mm: fix 100% CPU kswapd busyloop on unreclaimable nodesJohannes Weiner
2017-04-19mm: make mm_percpu_wq non freezableMichal Hocko
2017-04-08mm: move pcp and lru-pcp draining into single wqMichal Hocko
2017-03-31mm: move mm_percpu_wq initialization earlierMichal Hocko
2017-03-09mm/vmstats: add thp_split_pud event for clarityYisheng Xie
2017-02-22mm, compaction: add vmstats for kcompactd workDavid Rientjes
2016-12-02mm/vmstat: Convert to hotplug state machineSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2016-12-02mm/vmstat: Avoid on each online CPU loopsSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2016-12-02mm/vmstat: Drop get_online_cpus() from init_cpu_node_state/vmstat_cpu_dead()Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2016-10-07seq/proc: modify seq_put_decimal_[u]ll to take a const char *, not charJoe Perches
2016-10-07proc: much faster /proc/vmstatAlexey Dobriyan
2016-10-07cpu: fix node state for whether it contains CPUTim Chen
2016-10-07mm/page_owner: move page_owner specific function to page_owner.cJoonsoo Kim
2016-07-28mm: remove reclaim and compaction retry approximationsMel Gorman
2016-07-28mm: add per-zone lru list statMinchan Kim