path: root/mm/hugetlb.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-05mm: update get_user_pages_longterm to migrate pages allocated from CMA regionAneesh Kumar K.V
2019-03-05mm/hugetlb: add prot_modify_start/commit sequence for hugetlb updateAneesh Kumar K.V
2019-03-05mm/hugetlb: distinguish between migratability and movabilityAnshuman Khandual
2019-03-05mm: replace all open encodings for NUMA_NO_NODEAnshuman Khandual
2019-03-01hugetlbfs: fix races and page leaks during migrationMike Kravetz
2019-02-01mm/hugetlb.c: teach follow_hugetlb_page() to handle FOLL_NOWAITAndrea Arcangeli
2019-01-08hugetlbfs: revert "use i_mmap_rwsem for more pmd sharing synchronization"Mike Kravetz
2019-01-08hugetlbfs: revert "Use i_mmap_rwsem to fix page fault/truncate race"Mike Kravetz
2019-01-04mm/: remove caller signal_pending branch predictionsDavidlohr Bueso
2018-12-28hugetlbfs: Use i_mmap_rwsem to fix page fault/truncate raceMike Kravetz
2018-12-28hugetlbfs: use i_mmap_rwsem for more pmd sharing synchronizationMike Kravetz
2018-12-28mm/mmu_notifier: use structure for invalidate_range_start/end calls v2Jérôme Glisse
2018-12-14hugetlbfs: call VM_BUG_ON_PAGE earlier in free_huge_page()Yongkai Wu
2018-11-30userfaultfd: use ENOENT instead of EFAULT if the atomic copy user failsAndrea Arcangeli
2018-11-18hugetlbfs: fix kernel BUG at fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c:444!Mike Kravetz
2018-10-31mm: remove include/linux/bootmem.hMike Rapoport
2018-10-31memblock: replace BOOTMEM_ALLOC_* with MEMBLOCK variantsMike Rapoport
2018-10-31memblock: remove _virt from APIs returning virtual addressMike Rapoport
2018-10-26hugetlbfs: dirty pages as they are added to pagecacheMike Kravetz
2018-10-05hugetlb: take PMD sharing into account when flushing tlb/cachesMike Kravetz
2018-10-05mm: migration: fix migration of huge PMD shared pagesMike Kravetz
2018-08-23mm: Change return type int to vm_fault_t for fault handlersSouptick Joarder
2018-08-23mm: fix race on soft-offlining free huge pagesNaoya Horiguchi
2018-08-17mm/hugetlb.c: don't zero 1GiB bootmem pagesCannon Matthews
2018-08-17mm/hugetlb: remove gigantic page support for HIGHMEMMike Kravetz
2018-08-17mm, hugetlbfs: pass fault address to cow handlerHuang Ying
2018-08-17mm, hugetlbfs: rename address to haddr in hugetlb_cow()Huang Ying
2018-08-02ipc/shm.c add ->pagesize function to shm_vm_opsJane Chu
2018-07-03mm: hugetlb: yield when prepping struct pagesCannon Matthews
2018-06-12treewide: kmalloc() -> kmalloc_array()Kees Cook
2018-06-07mm, hugetlbfs: pass fault address to no page handlerHuang Ying
2018-06-07mm: change return type to vm_fault_tSouptick Joarder
2018-04-16Merge branch 'mm-rst' into docs-nextJonathan Corbet
2018-04-16docs/vm: rename documentation files to .rstMike Rapoport
2018-04-05mm, hugetlbfs: introduce ->pagesize() to vm_operations_structDan Williams
2018-04-05mm, powerpc: use vma_kernel_pagesize() in vma_mmu_pagesize()Dan Williams
2018-03-22hugetlbfs: check for pgoff value overflowMike Kravetz
2018-03-09hugetlb: fix surplus pages accountingMichal Hocko
2018-01-31hugetlb, mbind: fall back to default policy if vma is NULLMichal Hocko
2018-01-31hugetlb, mempolicy: fix the mbind hugetlb migrationMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: further simplify hugetlb allocation APIMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: get rid of surplus page accounting tricksMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: do not rely on overcommit limit during migrationMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: integrate giga hugetlb more naturally to the allocation pathMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: unify core page allocation accounting and initializationMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm, hugetlb: remove hugepages_treat_as_movable sysctlMichal Hocko
2018-01-31mm: show total hugetlb memory consumption in /proc/meminfoRoman Gushchin
2017-11-29mm/hugetlb: fix NULL-pointer dereference on 5-level paging machineKirill A. Shutemov
2017-11-29mm, hugetlbfs: introduce ->split() to vm_operations_structDan Williams
2017-11-15mm/mmu_notifier: avoid double notification when it is uselessJérôme Glisse