path: root/lib/kobject.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-03-04kobject: properly initialize ksetsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-02-02kobject: kerneldoc comment fixDave Young
2008-01-24Kobject: fix coding style issues in kobject c filesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Driver core: change sysdev classes to use dynamic kobject namesKay Sievers
2008-01-24Kobject: remove kobject_unregister() as no one uses it anymoreGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: convert remaining kobject_unregister() to kobject_put()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: auto-cleanup on final unrefKay Sievers
2008-01-24Kset: remove kset_add functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: remove kobject_register()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: rename kobject_init_ng() to kobject_init()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: remove kobject_init() as no one uses it anymoreGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: rename kobject_add_ng() to kobject_add()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: remove kobject_add() as no one uses it anymoreGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Kobject: drop child->parent ref at unregistrationAlan Stern
2008-01-24kobject: clean up debugging messagesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: grab the kset reference in kobject_add, not kobject_initGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: remove subsystem_(un)register functionsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24Driver Core: kill subsys_attribute and default sysfs opsKay Sievers
2008-01-24Driver Core: switch all dynamic ksets to kobj_sysfs_opsKay Sievers
2008-01-24Driver Core: add kobj_attribute handlingKay Sievers
2008-01-24kobject: get rid of kobject_kset_add_dirGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: get rid of kobject_add_dirGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: add kobject_create_and_add functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kset: add kset_create_and_add functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: add kobject_init_and_add functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: add kobject_add_ng functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: add kobject_init_ng functionGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: make kobject_cleanup be staticGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: fix up kobject_set_name to use kvasprintfGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: remove incorrect comment in kobject_renameGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-12-17kobject: fix the documentation of how kobject_set_name worksGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-11-28kobject: two typo fixesJohannes Berg
2007-10-30kobject: check for duplicate names in kobject_renameGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-12kobject: update the copyrightsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-12driver core: remove subsystem_init()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-12sysfs: move sysfs file poll implementation to sysfs_open_direntTejun Heo
2007-10-12sysfs: Remove first pass at shadow directory supportEric W. Biederman
2007-10-12kobject: remove the static array for the nameGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-12Driver core: remove subsys_get()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-12Driver core: remove subsys_put()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2007-07-11sysfs: make kobj point to sysfs_dirent instead of dentryTejun Heo
2007-07-11Driver core: add missing kset ueventKay Sievers
2007-06-08kobject: use the proper printk level for kobject errorGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-05-02remove "struct subsystem" as it is no longer neededGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-04-27kobject: Comment and warning fixes to kobject.cEric W. Biederman
2007-04-27kobject core: remove rwsem from struct subsystemGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-04-27kobject: kobject_add() reference leakCornelia Huck
2007-04-27Driver core: notify userspace of network device renamesJean Tourrilhes
2007-04-27kobject: kobject_shadow_add cleanupDmitriy Monakhov
2007-04-27driver core: fix namespace issue with devices assigned to classesKay Sievers