path: root/kernel/umh.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-11umh: add exit routine for UMH processTaehee Yoo
2018-10-22umh: Add command line to user mode helpersOlivier Brunel
2018-06-07umh: fix race conditionAlexei Starovoitov
2018-05-23umh: introduce fork_usermode_blob() helperAlexei Starovoitov
2018-04-02kernel: use kernel_wait4() instead of sys_wait4()Dominik Brodowski
2017-11-17kernel/umh.c: optimize 'proc_cap_handler()'Christophe JAILLET
2017-09-08kmod: split out umh code into its own fileLuis R. Rodriguez