path: root/block/blk-core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-02Merge tag 'for-5.8/block-2020-06-01' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2020-06-02mm: move readahead prototypes from mm.hMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2020-05-28Revert "block: end bio with BLK_STS_AGAIN in case of non-mq devs and REQ_NOWAIT"Jens Axboe
2020-05-27block: reduce part_stat_lock() scopeChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-27block: add a blk_account_io_merge_bio helperKonstantin Khlebnikov
2020-05-27block: move update_io_ticks to blk-core.cChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-27block: add disk/bio-based accounting helpersChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-19block: don't call part_{inc,dec}_in_flight for blk-mq devicesChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-19block: mark blk_account_io_completion staticChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-19blk-mq: allow blk_mq_make_request to consume the q_usage_counter referenceChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-14block: Inline encryption support for blk-mqSatya Tangirala
2020-05-14block: move blk_io_schedule() out of header fileMing Lei
2020-05-12block: Introduce REQ_OP_ZONE_APPENDKeith Busch
2020-05-12block: fix use-after-free on cached last_lookup partitionMing Lei
2020-05-09bdi: remove the name field in struct backing_dev_infoChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-09bdi: simplify bdi_allocChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-29block: add a bio_queue_enter helperChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-29block: cleanup the memory stall accounting in submit_bioChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-29block: improve the submit_bio and generic_make_request documentationChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-25block: bypass ->make_request_fn for blk-mq driversChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-25block: remove create_io_contextChristoph Hellwig
2020-04-22block: move dma_pad handling from blk_rq_map_sg into the callersChristoph Hellwig
2020-03-29block: return NULL in blk_alloc_queue() on errorChaitanya Kulkarni
2020-03-27block: simplify queue allocationChristoph Hellwig
2020-03-25block/diskstats: replace time_in_queue with sum of request timesKonstantin Khlebnikov
2020-03-25block/diskstats: more accurate approximation of io_ticks for slow disksKonstantin Khlebnikov
2020-03-12block: cleanup for _blk/blk_rq_prep_cloneGuoqing Jiang
2020-03-12block: remove redundant setting of QUEUE_FLAG_DYINGGuoqing Jiang
2020-03-12block: use bio_{wouldblock,io}_error in direct_make_requestGuoqing Jiang
2020-03-12block: fix comment for blk_cloned_rq_check_limitsGuoqing Jiang
2020-03-02block: Remove used kblockd_schedule_work_on()Daniel Wagner
2019-12-17block: end bio with BLK_STS_AGAIN in case of non-mq devs and REQ_NOWAITRoman Penyaev
2019-12-13Merge tag 'for-linus-20191212' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2019-12-12block: fix NULL pointer dereference in account statistics with IDELogan Gunthorpe
2019-12-09treewide: Use sizeof_field() macroPankaj Bharadiya
2019-11-12block: Remove partition support for zoned block devicesDamien Le Moal
2019-11-07block: add zone open, close and finish operationsAjay Joshi
2019-10-07block: Reduce sysfs_lock locking inside blk_cleanup_queue()Bart Van Assche
2019-10-07block: Remove "dying" checks from sysfs callbacksBart Van Assche
2019-09-17block: centralize PI remapping logic to the block layerMax Gurtovoy
2019-08-28block/rq_qos: add rq_qos_merge()Tejun Heo
2019-08-27block: split .sysfs_lock into two locksMing Lei
2019-08-19block: remove struct request_queue queue_headJunxiao Bi
2019-08-14block: annotate refault stalls from IO submissionJohannes Weiner
2019-08-04blk-zoned: implement REQ_OP_ZONE_RESET_ALLChaitanya Kulkarni
2019-08-04block: Fix a comment in blk_cleanup_queue()Bart Van Assche
2019-07-10block: Disable write plugging for zoned block devicesDamien Le Moal
2019-07-10blkcg: implement REQ_CGROUP_PUNTTejun Heo
2019-07-10block: init flush rq ref count to 1Josef Bacik
2019-06-20block: update print_req_error()Chaitanya Kulkarni