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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-12-05WorkQueue: Fix up arch-specific work items where possibleDavid Howells
2006-12-04[S390] Don't use small stacks when lockdep is used.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Memory detection fixes.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Convert extmem spin_lock into a mutex.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] set KBUILD_IMAGE.Christian Borntraeger
2006-12-04[S390] lockdep: show held locks when showing a stackdumpHeiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Add dynamic size check for usercopy functions.Gerald Schaefer
2006-12-04[S390] Use diag260 for memory size detection.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] pfault code cleanup.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Cleanup memory_chunk array usage.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Misaligned wait PSW at memory detection.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] cpu shutdown reworkHeiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] cpcmd <-> __cpcmd calling issuesHeiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Reset infrastructure for re-IPL.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] extmem unbalanced spin_lock.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Use diag instead of ccw reipl.Michael Holzheu
2006-12-04[S390] No panic for failed rebootMichael Holzheu
2006-12-04[S390] Add ipl/reipl loadparm attribute.Michael Holzheu
2006-12-04[S390] Remove unused GENERIC_BUST_SPINLOCK from Kconfig.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] remove salipl memory detection.Christian Borntraeger
2006-11-06[S390] IRQs too early enabled.Heiko Carstens
2006-11-06[S390] revert add_active_range() usage patch.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist.edu/pub/scm/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-10-27[PATCH] vmlinux.lds: consolidate initcall sectionsAndrew Morton
2006-10-27[S390] uaccess error handling.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-27[S390] Initialize interval value to 0.Gerald Schaefer
2006-10-27[S390] sys_getcpu compat wrapper.Paul Mundt
2006-10-18[S390] update default configurationMartin Schwidefsky
2006-10-18[S390] Wire up epoll_pwait syscall.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-18[S390] fix vmlinux link when CONFIG_SYSIPC=nCedric Le Goater
2006-10-11Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist.edu/pub/scm/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-10-11[PATCH] remove bogus arch-specific syscall exportsAl Viro
2006-10-11[S390] stacktrace bug.Christian Borntraeger
2006-10-11[S390] irq change improvements.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-09[PATCH] s390 traps.c __user annotationsAl Viro
2006-10-06[S390] Use CONFIG_GENERIC_TIME and define TOD clock source.Martin Schwidefsky
2006-10-06[S390] irq change build fixes.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-04[S390] Remove open-coded mem_map usage.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-04[S390] Have s390 use add_active_range() and free_area_init_nodes.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-04[S390] Remove crept in whitespace from head*.S again.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-04[S390] Wire up sys_getcpu system call.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-04[S390] user-copy optimization fallout.Martin Schwidefsky
2006-10-04[S390] update default configurationMartin Schwidefsky
2006-10-04Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>Dave Jones
2006-10-03[PATCH] VFS: Make filldir_t and struct kstat deal in 64-bit inode numbersDavid Howells
2006-10-02[PATCH] provide kernel_execve on all architecturesArnd Bergmann
2006-10-02[PATCH] nsproxy: move init_nsproxy into kernel/nsproxy.cSerge E. Hallyn
2006-10-02[PATCH] namespaces: add nsproxySerge E. Hallyn
2006-10-02[PATCH] kretprobe spinlock deadlock patchbibo,mao
2006-10-01[PATCH] Vectorize aio_read/aio_write fileop methodsBadari Pulavarty