path: root/arch/arm/include/asm/spinlock.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-01ARM: 8829/1: spinlock: use unified assembler language syntaxStefan Agner
2017-11-07Merge branch 'linus' into locking/core, to resolve conflictsIngo Molnar
2017-11-02License cleanup: add SPDX GPL-2.0 license identifier to files with no licenseGreg Kroah-Hartman
2017-10-25locking/atomics: COCCINELLE/treewide: Convert trivial ACCESS_ONCE() patterns ...Mark Rutland
2017-10-10locking/arch: Remove dummy arch_{read,spin,write}_lock_flags() implementationsWill Deacon
2017-10-10locking/arch: Remove dummy arch_{read,spin,write}_relax() implementationsWill Deacon
2017-10-10locking/core: Remove {read,spin,write}_can_lock()Will Deacon
2017-08-17arch: Remove spin_unlock_wait() arch-specific definitionsPaul E. McKenney
2016-06-14locking/spinlock, arch: Update and fix spin_unlock_wait() implementationsPeter Zijlstra
2014-12-18arm/spinlock: Replace ACCESS_ONCE with READ_ONCEChristian Borntraeger
2014-02-10ARM: 7955/1: spinlock: ensure we have a compiler barrier before sevWill Deacon
2013-11-12Merge branch 'devel-stable' into for-nextRussell King
2013-10-29ARM: 7854/1: lockref: add support for lockless lockrefs using cmpxchg64Will Deacon
2013-09-30ARM: locks: prefetch the destination word for write prior to strexWill Deacon
2013-09-30ARM: smp_on_up: move inline asm ALT_SMP patching macro out of spinlock.hWill Deacon
2013-09-05Merge branches 'debug-choice', 'devel-stable' and 'misc' into for-linusRussell King
2013-08-13ARM: 7812/1: rwlocks: retry trylock operation if strex fails on free lockWill Deacon
2013-08-13ARM: 7811/1: locks: use early clobber in arch_spin_trylockWill Deacon
2013-08-12ARM: spinlock: use inner-shareable dsb variant prior to sev instructionWill Deacon
2013-06-17ARM: 7749/1: spinlock: retry trylock operation if strex fails on free lockWill Deacon
2013-01-28ARM: 7632/1: spinlock: avoid exclusive accesses on unlock() pathWill Deacon
2012-07-09ARM: 7447/1: rwlocks: remove unused branch labels from trylock routinesWill Deacon
2012-07-09ARM: 7446/1: spinlock: use ticket algorithm for ARMv6+ locking implementationWill Deacon
2011-05-23ARM: 6939/1: fix missing 'cpu_relax()' declarationMarc Zyngier
2011-02-10ARM: 6655/1: Correct WFE() in asm/spinlock.h for Thumb-2Dave Martin
2011-02-02ARM: v6k: remove CPU_32v6K dependencies in asm/spinlock.hRussell King
2010-02-15ARM: 5897/1: spinlock: don't use deprecated barriers on ARMv7Rabin Vincent
2009-12-14locking: Convert raw_rwlock functions to arch_rwlockThomas Gleixner
2009-12-14locking: Convert raw_rwlock to arch_rwlockThomas Gleixner
2009-12-14locking: Convert __raw_spin* functions to arch_spin*Thomas Gleixner
2009-12-14locking: Convert raw_spinlock to arch_spinlockThomas Gleixner
2009-04-02Allow rwlocks to re-enable interruptsRobin Holt
2008-08-02[ARM] move include/asm-arm to arch/arm/include/asmRussell King