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2017-12-16xtensa: add support for KASANMax Filippov
2017-12-16xtensa: move fixmap and kmap just above the KSEGMax Filippov
2017-06-22of: update ePAPR references to point to Devicetree SpecificationFrank Rowand
2016-07-24xtensa: cleanup MMU setup and kernel layout macrosMax Filippov
2016-07-24xtensa: add alternative kernel memory layoutsMax Filippov
2014-01-15xtensa: remap io area defined in device treeBaruch Siach
2014-01-15xtensa: fix ATOMCTL register documentationBaruch Siach
2013-05-09xtensa: document MMUv3 setup sequenceMax Filippov
2012-12-18xtensa: initialize atomctl SRMax Filippov