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2018-12-24watchdog: docs: kernel-api: don't reference removed functionsWolfram Sang
2018-12-24watchdog: add documentation for PM usageWolfram Sang
2018-10-13documentation: watchdog: add documentation for armada-37xx-wdtMarek BehĂșn
2018-10-02watchdog: hpwdt: Update Driver Documentation.Jerry Hoemann
2018-03-26watchdog: remove bfin_wdt driverArnd Bergmann
2018-02-03documentation: watchdog: remove documentation of w83697hf_wdt/w83697ug_wdtCorentin Labbe
2018-02-03documentation: watchdog: remove documentation for ixp2000Corentin Labbe
2018-02-03documentation: watchdog: remove documentation of at32ap700x_wdtCorentin Labbe
2017-10-19Documentation: fix selftests related file refsTom Saeger
2017-09-09watchdog: Revert "iTCO_wdt: all versions count down twice"Wim Van Sebroeck
2017-07-03watchdog: uniphier: add UniPhier watchdog driverKeiji Hayashibara
2017-05-19iTCO_wdt: all versions count down twicePaolo Bonzini
2017-02-24watchdog: Introduce watchdog_stop_on_unregister helperGuenter Roeck
2017-02-24watchdog: nic7018_wdt: Add NIC7018 watchdog driverHui Chun Ong
2016-10-24docs: fix locations of several documents that got movedMauro Carvalho Chehab
2016-10-14Merge tag 'linux-kselftest-4.9-rc1-update' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/li...Linus Torvalds
2016-10-08watchdog: add watchdog pretimeout governor frameworkVladimir Zapolskiy
2016-09-24watchdog: add pretimeout support to the coreWolfram Sang
2016-09-23samples: move watchdog example code from DocumentationShuah Khan
2016-09-20selftests: move watchdog tests from Documentation/watchdogShuah Khan
2016-07-25Documentation/watchdog: check return value for magic closeArnd Bergmann
2016-07-19watchdog: Implement status function in watchdog coreGuenter Roeck
2016-07-17Documentation/watchdog: add support for magic close to watchdog-testTimur Tabi
2016-07-17Documentation/watchdog: use stdout instead of stderr in watchdog-testTimur Tabi
2016-07-17watchdog: Improve description of min_hw_heartbeat_msGuenter Roeck
2016-07-17watchdog: hpwdt: remove email address from docBrian Boylston
2016-05-14Documentation: Add ebc-c384_wdt watchdog-parameters.txt entryWilliam Breathitt Gray
2016-05-14watchdog: hpwdt: Adjust documentation to match latest kernel module parameters.Nigel Croxon
2016-03-19Merge git://www.linux-watchdog.org/linux-watchdogLinus Torvalds
2016-03-16watchdog: Add support for minimum time between heartbeatsGuenter Roeck
2016-03-16watchdog: Make stop function optionalGuenter Roeck
2016-03-16watchdog: Introduce WDOG_HW_RUNNING flagGuenter Roeck
2016-03-16watchdog: Introduce hardware maximum heartbeat in watchdog coreGuenter Roeck
2016-03-16watchdog: Make set_timeout function optionalGuenter Roeck
2016-03-04Documentation: add sbsa-gwdt driver documentationFu Wei
2016-03-01watchdog: ni903x_wdt: Add NI 903x/913x watchdog driverKyle Roeschley
2016-01-31Add sun4v_wdt watchdog driverwim.coekaerts@oracle.com
2016-01-11watchdog: Drop pointer to watchdog device from struct watchdog_deviceGuenter Roeck
2016-01-11watchdog: Add support for creating driver specific sysfs attributesGuenter Roeck
2015-12-29watchdog: Separate and maintain variables based on variable lifetimeGuenter Roeck
2015-12-13watchdog: core: add reboot notifier supportDamien Riegel
2015-12-13watchdog: core: add restart handler supportDamien Riegel
2015-09-09Documentation/watchdog: add timeout and ping rate control to watchdog-test.cTimur Tabi
2015-07-01watchdog: omap_wdt: early_enable module parameterLars Poeschel
2015-06-29watchdog: watchdog_core: Add watchdog registration deferral mechanismJean-Baptiste Theou
2015-06-22watchdog: docs: omap_wdt also understands nowayoutLars Poeschel
2014-09-26Documentation: use subdir-y to avoid unnecessary built-in.o filesPeter Foley
2014-08-05Documentation: fix two typos in watchdog-api.txtSangjung Woo
2014-03-31watchdog: it87_wdt: Work around non-working CIR interruptsMarc van der Wal
2014-03-31watchdog: Add tegra watchdogAndrew Chew