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2018-11-06Docs/EDID: Calculate CRC while building the codeChristoph Niedermaier
2018-11-06Docs/EDID: Fixed erroneous bits of XOFFSET, XPULSE, YOFFSET and YPULSEChristoph Niedermaier
2017-03-30drm: use .hword to represent 16-bit numbersJavi Merino
2014-05-26drm: Add 800x600 (SVGA) screen resolution to the built-in EDIDsDaniel Thompson
2013-04-12drm: Add 1600x1200 (UXGA) screen resolution to the built-in EDIDsCarsten Emde
2013-01-20drm: Load EDID: Explain better how to write your own EDID firmwareCarsten Emde
2012-03-20drm: allow loading an EDID as firmware to override broken monitorCarsten Emde