AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-16samples: bpf: ensure that we don't load over MAX_PROGS programsDan Carpenter
2018-07-16sch_cake: Fix tin order when set through skb->priorityToke Høiland-Jørgensen
2018-07-16cxgb4: collect ASIC LA dumps from ULP TXSurendra Mobiya
2018-07-16mlxsw: spectrum: Expose counters for various packet sizesJiri Pirko
2018-07-16liquidio: fix hang when re-binding VF host drv after running DPDK VF driverRick Farrington
2018-07-16net: cavium: Drop dependency of NET_VENDOR_CAVIUM on PCIAlexander Sverdlin
2018-07-16net: mscc: simplify retrieving the tag type from the frame headerAntoine Tenart
2018-07-16cxgb4: do not return DUPLEX_UNKNOWN when link is downGanesh Goudar
2018-07-16net: convert gro_count to bitmaskLi RongQing
2018-07-16bnxt_en: remove redundant debug register dma mem allocationYueHaibing
2018-07-16liquidio: Use %pad printk format for dma_addr_t valuesHelge Deller
2018-07-16net: phy: realtek: add missing entry for RTL8211C to mdio_device_id tableHeiner Kallweit
2018-07-16net: usb: hso: use swap macro in hso_kick_transmitGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-07-16Merge branch 'phy-helpers'David S. Miller
2018-07-16net: phy: add phy_speed_down and phy_speed_upHeiner Kallweit
2018-07-16net: phy: add helper phy_config_anegHeiner Kallweit
2018-07-16selftests: tls: add selftests for TLS socketsDave Watson
2018-07-16Merge branch 'docs-Fix-failover-build-warnings'David S. Miller
2018-07-16docs: networking: Fix failover build warningsTobin C. Harding
2018-07-16docs: networking: Add failover docs to indexTobin C. Harding
2018-07-16Merge branch 'hns3-next'David S. Miller
2018-07-16net: hns3: Fix comments for hclge_get_ring_chain_from_mbxFuyun Liang
2018-07-16net: hns3: Fix for using wrong mask and shift in hclge_get_ring_chain_from_mbxFuyun Liang
2018-07-16net: hns3: Fix for reset_level default assignment probelmYunsheng Lin
2018-07-16net: hns3: remove unnecessary ring configuration operation while resettingHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16net: hns3: Fix return value error in hns3_reset_notify_down_enetHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16net: hns3: Correct reset event status registerHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16net: hns3: Prevent to request reset frequentlyHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16net: hns3: Reset net device with rtnl_lockHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16net: hns3: Modify the order of initializing command queue registerHuazhong Tan
2018-07-16Merge branch 'TLS-offload-rx-netdev-and-mlx5'David S. Miller
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: IPsec, fix byte count in CQEBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5: Accel, add common metadata functionsBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: TLS, build TLS netdev from capabilitiesBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: TLS, add software statisticsBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: TLS, add Innova TLS rx data pathBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: TLS, add innova rx supportBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5: Accel, add TLS rx offload routinesBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net/mlx5e: TLS, refactor variable namesBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Fix zerocopy_from_iter iov handlingBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Add rx inline crypto offloadBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Fill software context without allocationBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Split tls_sw_release_resources_rxBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Split decrypt_skb to two functionsBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tls: Refactor tls_offload variable namesBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16tcp: Don't coalesce decrypted and encrypted SKBsBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net: Add TLS rx resync NDOBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16net: Add TLS RX offload featureIlya Lesokhin
2018-07-16net: Add decrypted field to skbBoris Pismenny
2018-07-16Merge branch 'mvpp2-add-debugfs-interface'David S. Miller