AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-20KVM: Remove the hack to trigger memslot generation wraparoundSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: x86: Refactor the MMIO SPTE generation handlingSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: x86: Use a u64 when passing the MMIO gen aroundSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: Explicitly define the "memslot update in-progress" bitSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: x86/mmu: Do not cache MMIO accesses while memslots are in fluxSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: x86/mmu: Detect MMIO generation wrap in any address spaceSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: Call kvm_arch_memslots_updated() before updating memslotsSean Christopherson
2019-02-20kvm: vmx: Add memcg accounting to KVM allocationsBen Gardon
2019-02-20kvm: svm: Add memcg accounting to KVM allocationsBen Gardon
2019-02-20kvm: x86: Add memcg accounting to KVM allocationsBen Gardon
2019-02-20kvm: Add memcg accounting to KVM allocationsBen Gardon
2019-02-20KVM: nVMX: do not start the preemption timer hrtimer unnecessarilyPaolo Bonzini
2019-02-20kvm: vmx: Fix typos in vmentry/vmexit control settingYu Zhang
2019-02-20KVM: x86: cleanup freeing of nested statePaolo Bonzini
2019-02-20KVM: x86: Sync the pending Posted-InterruptsLuwei Kang
2019-02-20KVM: x86: expose MOVDIR64B CPU feature into VM.Liu Jingqi
2019-02-20KVM: x86: expose MOVDIRI CPU feature into VM.Liu Jingqi
2019-02-20kvm, x86, mmu: Use kernel generic dynamic physical address maskKai Huang
2019-02-20KVM: nVMX: remove useless is_protmode checkPaolo Bonzini
2019-02-20KVM: nVMX: Ignore limit checks on VMX instructions using flat segmentsSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: nVMX: Apply addr size mask to effective address for VMX instructionsSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: nVMX: Sign extend displacements of VMX instr's mem operandsSean Christopherson
2019-02-20svm: Fix improper check when deactivate AVICSuthikulpanit, Suravee
2019-02-20KVM: x86: cull apicv code when userspace irqchip is requestedPaolo Bonzini
2019-02-20svm: Fix AVIC DFR and LDR handlingSuthikulpanit, Suravee
2019-02-20kvm: Use struct_size() in kmalloc()Gustavo A. R. Silva
2019-02-20x86/kvmclock: set offset for kvm unstable clockPavel Tatashin
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Reorder clearing of registers in the vCPU-run assembly flowSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Call vCPU-run asm sub-routine from C and remove clobberingSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Preserve callee-save registers in vCPU-run asm sub-routineSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Return VM-Fail from vCPU-run assembly via standard ABI regSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Pass @launched to the vCPU-run asm via standard ABI regsSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Use RAX as the scratch register during vCPU-runSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Rename ____vmx_vcpu_run() to __vmx_vcpu_run()Sean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Fold __vmx_vcpu_run() back into vmx_vcpu_run()Sean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Move vCPU-run code to a proper assembly routineSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Create a stack frame in vCPU-runSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: VMX: Use #defines in place of immediates in VM-Enter inline asmSean Christopherson
2019-02-20KVM: x86: Explicitly #define the VCPU_REGS_* indicesSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Use vcpu->arch.regs directly when saving/loading guest stateSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Don't save guest registers after VM-FailSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Invert the ordering of saving guest/host scratch reg at VM-EnterSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Pass "launched" directly to the vCPU-run asm blobSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Update VMCS.HOST_RSP via helper C functionSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: VMX: Load/save guest CR2 via C code in __vmx_vcpu_run()Sean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: nVMX: Cache host_rsp on a per-VMCS basisSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: nVMX: Let the compiler select the reg for holding HOST_RSPSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: nVMX: Reference vmx->loaded_vmcs->launched directlySean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: nVMX: Capture VM-Fail via CC_{SET,OUT} in nested early checksSean Christopherson
2019-02-12KVM: nVMX: Capture VM-Fail to a local var in nested_vmx_check_vmentry_hw()Sean Christopherson