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+Linux driver for SE401 based USB cameras
+Copyright, 2001, Jeroen Vreeken
+The SE401 chip is the used in low-cost usb webcams.
+It is produced by Endpoints Inc. (www.endpoints.com).
+It interfaces directly to a cmos image sensor and USB. The only other major
+part in a se401 based camera is a dram chip.
+The following cameras are known to work with this driver:
+Aox se401 (non-branded) cameras
+Philips PVCV665 USB VGA webcam 'Vesta Fun'
+Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67014
+Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67015
+Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67016
+Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67017
+- USB support
+- VIDEO4LINUX support
+More information about USB support for linux can be found at:
+When the driver is compiled as a module you can also use the 'flickerless'
+option. With it exposure is limited to values that do not interfere with the
+net frequency. Valid options for this option are 0, 50 and 60. (0=disable,
+50=50hz, 60=60hz)
+The driver works fine with the usb-ohci and uhci host controller drivers,
+the default settings also work with usb-uhci. But sending more than one bulk
+transfer at a time with usb-uhci doesn't work yet.
+Users of usb-ohci and uhci can safely enlarge SE401_NUMSBUF in se401.h in
+order to increase the throughput (and thus framerate).
+The latest info on this driver can be found at:
+And questions to me can be send to: