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@@ -49,6 +49,13 @@ machine that doesn't boot) is:
device (lspci and /sys/devices/pci* is your friend), and see if you can
fix it, disable it, or trace into its resume function.
+ If no device matches the hash (or any matches appear to be false positives),
+ the culprit may be a device from a loadable kernel module that is not loaded
+ until after the hash is checked. You can check the hash against the current
+ devices again after more modules are loaded using sysfs:
+ cat /sys/power/pm_trace_dev_match
For example, the above happens to be the VGA device on my EVO, which I
used to run with "radeonfb" (it's an ATI Radeon mobility). It turns out
that "radeonfb" simply cannot resume that device - it tries to set the