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+How the new TCP output machine [nyi] works.
+Data is kept on a single queue. The skb->users flag tells us if the frame is
+one that has been queued already. To add a frame we throw it on the end. Ack
+walks down the list from the start.
+We keep a set of control flags
+ sk->tcp_pend_event
+ TCP_PEND_ACK Ack needed
+ TCP_ACK_NOW Needed now
+ TCP_WINDOW Window update check
+ TCP_WINZERO Zero probing
+ sk->transmit_queue The transmission frame begin
+ sk->transmit_new First new frame pointer
+ sk->transmit_end Where to add frames
+ sk->tcp_last_tx_ack Last ack seen
+ sk->tcp_dup_ack Dup ack count for fast retransmit
+Frames are queued for output by tcp_write. We do our best to send the frames
+off immediately if possible, but otherwise queue and compute the body
+checksum in the copy.
+When a write is done we try to clear any pending events and piggy back them.
+If the window is full we queue full sized frames. On the first timeout in
+zero window we split this.
+On a timer we walk the retransmit list to send any retransmits, update the
+backoff timers etc. A change of route table stamp causes a change of header
+and recompute. We add any new tcp level headers and refinish the checksum
+before sending.