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authorCasey Schaufler <casey@schaufler-ca.com>2013-10-22 11:47:45 -0700
committerCasey Schaufler <casey@schaufler-ca.com>2013-10-28 10:23:36 -0700
commitb5dfd8075bc26636d11c3d8888940198afbf5112 (patch)
tree65c10996178b210a5d7223489cf8d5332bc9c273 /security/smack
parentc0ab6e56dcb7ca9903d460247cb464e769ae6e77 (diff)
Smack: Ptrace access check mode
When the ptrace security hooks were split the addition of a mode parameter was not taken advantage of in the Smack ptrace access check. This changes the access check from always looking for read and write access to using the passed mode. This will make use of /proc much happier. Targeted for git://git.gitorious.org/smack-next/kernel.git Signed-off-by: Casey Schaufler <casey@schaufler-ca.com>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/security/smack/smack_lsm.c b/security/smack/smack_lsm.c
index 88d366e55793..b0be893ad44d 100644
--- a/security/smack/smack_lsm.c
+++ b/security/smack/smack_lsm.c
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ static int smack_ptrace_access_check(struct task_struct *ctp, unsigned int mode)
smk_ad_init(&ad, __func__, LSM_AUDIT_DATA_TASK);
smk_ad_setfield_u_tsk(&ad, ctp);
- rc = smk_curacc(skp->smk_known, MAY_READWRITE, &ad);
+ rc = smk_curacc(skp->smk_known, mode, &ad);
return rc;