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Merge branch 'bpf-libbpf-consistent-iface'
Andrey Ignatov says: ==================== This patch set renames a few interfaces in libbpf, mostly netlink related, so that all symbols provided by the library have only three possible prefixes: % nm -D tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.so | \ awk '$2 == "T" {sub(/[_\(].*/, "", $3); if ($3) print $3}' | \ sort | \ uniq -c 91 bpf 8 btf 14 libbpf libbpf is used more and more outside kernel tree. That means the library should follow good practices in library design and implementation to play well with third party code that uses it. One of such practices is to have a common prefix (or a few) for every interface, function or data structure, library provides. It helps to avoid name conflicts with other libraries and keeps API/ABI consistent. Inconsistent names in libbpf already cause problems in real life. E.g. an application can't use both libbpf and libnl due to conflicting symbols (specifically nla_parse, nla_parse_nested and a few others). Some of problematic global symbols are not part of ABI and can be restricted from export with either visibility attribute/pragma or export map (what is useful by itself and can be done in addition). That won't solve the problem for those that are part of ABI though. Also export restrictions would help only in DSO case. If third party application links libbpf statically it won't help, and people do it (e.g. Facebook links most of libraries statically, including libbpf). libbpf already uses the following prefixes for its interfaces: * bpf_ for bpf system call wrappers, program/map/elf-object abstractions and a few other things; * btf_ for BTF related API; * libbpf_ for everything else. The patch adds libbpf_ prefix to interfaces that use none of mentioned above prefixes and don't fit well into the first two categories. Long term benefits of having common prefix should outweigh possible inconvenience of changing API for those functions now. Patches 2-4 add libbpf_ prefix to libbpf interfaces: separate patch per header. Other patches are simple improvements in API. ==================== Signed-off-by: Daniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net>
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