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Merge git://github.com/rustyrussell/linux
* git://github.com/rustyrussell/linux: virtio-blk: use ida to allocate disk index virtio: Add platform bus driver for memory mapped virtio device virtio: Dont add "config" to list for !per_vq_vector virtio: console: wait for first console port for early console output virtio: console: add port stats for bytes received, sent and discarded virtio: console: make discard_port_data() use get_inbuf() virtio: console: rename variable virtio: console: make get_inbuf() return port->inbuf if present virtio: console: Fix return type for get_inbuf() virtio: console: Use wait_event_freezable instead of _interruptible virtio: console: Ignore port name update request if name already set virtio: console: Fix indentation virtio: modify vring_init and vring_size to take account of the layout containing *_event_idx virtio.h: correct comment for struct virtio_driver virtio-net: Use virtio_config_val() for retrieving config virtio_config: Add virtio_config_val_len() virtio-console: Use virtio_config_val() for retrieving config
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