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Initial git repository build. I'm not bothering with the full history, even though we have it. We can create a separate "historical" git archive of that later if we want to, and in the meantime it's about 3.2GB when imported into git - space that would just make the early git days unnecessarily complicated, when we don't have a lot of good infrastructure for it. Let it rip!
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+menu "Kernel hacking"
+source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
+# RMK wants arm kernels compiled with frame pointers so hardwire this to y.
+# If you know what you are doing and are willing to live without stack
+# traces, you can get a slightly smaller kernel by setting this option to
+# n, but then RMK will have to kill you ;).
+ bool
+ default y
+ help
+ If you say N here, the resulting kernel will be slightly smaller and
+ faster. However, when a problem occurs with the kernel, the
+ information that is reported is severely limited. Most people
+ should say Y here.
+config DEBUG_USER
+ bool "Verbose user fault messages"
+ help
+ When a user program crashes due to an exception, the kernel can
+ print a brief message explaining what the problem was. This is
+ sometimes helpful for debugging but serves no purpose on a
+ production system. Most people should say N here.
+ In addition, you need to pass user_debug=N on the kernel command
+ line to enable this feature. N consists of the sum of:
+ 1 - undefined instruction events
+ 2 - system calls
+ 4 - invalid data aborts
+ 8 - SIGSEGV faults
+ 16 - SIGBUS faults
+ bool "Wait queue debugging"
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ bool "Verbose kernel error messages"
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ help
+ This option controls verbose debugging information which can be
+ printed when the kernel detects an internal error. This debugging
+ information is useful to kernel hackers when tracking down problems,
+ but mostly meaningless to other people. It's safe to say Y unless
+ you are concerned with the code size or don't want to see these
+ messages.
+# These options are only for real kernel hackers who want to get their hands dirty.
+config DEBUG_LL
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging functions"
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ help
+ Say Y here to include definitions of printascii, printchar, printhex
+ in the kernel. This is helpful if you are debugging code that
+ executes before the console is initialized.
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging via EmbeddedICE DCC channel"
+ depends on DEBUG_LL
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
+ output to the EmbeddedICE macrocell's DCC channel using
+ co-processor 14. This is known to work on the ARM9 style ICE
+ channel.
+ It does include a timeout to ensure that the system does not
+ totally freeze when there is nothing connected to read.
+config DEBUG_DC21285_PORT
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via footbridge serial port"
+ depends on DEBUG_LL && FOOTBRIDGE
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
+ output to the serial port in the DC21285 (Footbridge). Saying N
+ will cause the debug messages to appear on the first 16550
+ serial port.
+config DEBUG_CLPS711X_UART2
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via UART2"
+ depends on DEBUG_LL && ARCH_CLPS711X
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
+ output to the second serial port on these devices. Saying N will
+ cause the debug messages to appear on the first serial port.
+config DEBUG_S3C2410_PORT
+ depends on DEBUG_LL && ARCH_S3C2410
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via S3C2410 UART"
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want debug print routines to go to one of the
+ S3C2410 internal UARTs. The chosen UART must have been configured
+ before it is used.
+config DEBUG_S3C2410_UART
+ depends on ARCH_S3C2410
+ int "S3C2410 UART to use for low-level debug"
+ default "0"
+ help
+ Choice for UART for kernel low-level using S3C2410 UARTS,
+ should be between zero and two. The port must have been
+ initalised by the boot-loader before use.
+ The uncompressor code port configuration is now handled