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Merge tag 'mtd/for-4.20' of git://git.infradead.org/linux-mtd
Pull mtd updates from Boris Brezillon: "SPI NOR core changes: - Support non-uniform erase size - Support controllers with limited TX fifo size Driver changes: - m25p80: Re-issue a WREN command after each write access - cadence: Pass a proper dir value to dma_[un]map_single() - fsl-qspi: Check fsl_qspi_get_seqid() return val make sure 4B addressing opcodes are properly handled - intel-spi: Add a new PCI entry for Ice Lake Raw NAND core changes: - Two batchs of cleanups of the NAND API, including: * Deprecating a lot of interfaces (now replaced by ->exec_op()). * Moving code in separate drivers (JEDEC, ONFI), in private files (internals), in platform drivers, etc. * Functions/structures reordering. * Exclusive use of the nand_chip structure instead of the MTD one all across the subsystem. - Addition of the nand_wait_readrdy/rdy_op() helpers. Raw NAND controllers drivers changes: - Various coccinelle patches. - Marvell: * Use regmap_update_bits() for syscon access. * More documentation. * BCH failure path rework. * More layouts to be supported. * IRQ handler complete() condition fixed. - Fsl_ifc: * SRAM initialization fixed for newer controller versions. - Denali: * Fix licenses mismatch and use a SPDX tag. * Set SPARE_AREA_SKIP_BYTES register to 8 if unset. - Qualcomm: * Do not include dma-direct.h. - Docg4: * Removed. - Ams-delta: * Use of a GPIO lookup table * Internal machinery changes. Raw NAND chip drivers changes: - Toshiba: * Add support for Toshiba memory BENAND * Pass a single nand_chip object to the status helper. - ESMT: * New driver to retrieve the ECC requirements from the 5th ID byte. MTD changes: - physmap cleanups/fixe - gpio-addr-flash cleanups/fixes" * tag 'mtd/for-4.20' of git://git.infradead.org/linux-mtd: (93 commits) jffs2: free jffs2_sb_info through jffs2_kill_sb() mtd: spi-nor: fsl-quadspi: fix read error for flash size larger than 16MB mtd: spi-nor: intel-spi: Add support for Intel Ice Lake SPI serial flash mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Convert to gpiod mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Replace array with an integer mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Use order instead of size mtd: spi-nor: fsl-quadspi: Don't let -EINVAL on the bus mtd: devices: m25p80: Make sure WRITE_EN is issued before each write mtd: spi-nor: Support controllers with limited TX FIFO size mtd: spi-nor: cadence-quadspi: Use proper enum for dma_[un]map_single mtd: spi-nor: parse SFDP Sector Map Parameter Table mtd: spi-nor: add support to non-uniform SFDP SPI NOR flash memories mtd: rawnand: marvell: fix the IRQ handler complete() condition mtd: rawnand: denali: set SPARE_AREA_SKIP_BYTES register to 8 if unset mtd: rawnand: r852: fix spelling mistake "card_registred" -> "card_registered" mtd: rawnand: toshiba: Pass a single nand_chip object to the status helper mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Use devm_* functions mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Fix ioremapped size mtd: maps: gpio-addr-flash: Replace custom printk mtd: physmap_of: Release resources on error ...
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diff --git a/Documentation/driver-api/mtdnand.rst b/Documentation/driver-api/mtdnand.rst
index c55a6034c397..55447659b81f 100644
--- a/Documentation/driver-api/mtdnand.rst
+++ b/Documentation/driver-api/mtdnand.rst
@@ -180,10 +180,10 @@ by a chip select decoder.
struct nand_chip *this = mtd_to_nand(mtd);
- case NAND_CTL_SETCLE: this->IO_ADDR_W |= CLE_ADRR_BIT; break;
- case NAND_CTL_CLRCLE: this->IO_ADDR_W &= ~CLE_ADRR_BIT; break;
- case NAND_CTL_SETALE: this->IO_ADDR_W |= ALE_ADRR_BIT; break;
- case NAND_CTL_CLRALE: this->IO_ADDR_W &= ~ALE_ADRR_BIT; break;
+ case NAND_CTL_SETCLE: this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W |= CLE_ADRR_BIT; break;
+ case NAND_CTL_CLRCLE: this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W &= ~CLE_ADRR_BIT; break;
+ case NAND_CTL_SETALE: this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W |= ALE_ADRR_BIT; break;
+ case NAND_CTL_CLRALE: this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W &= ~ALE_ADRR_BIT; break;
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ to read back the state of the pin. The function has no arguments and
should return 0, if the device is busy (R/B pin is low) and 1, if the
device is ready (R/B pin is high). If the hardware interface does not
give access to the ready busy pin, then the function must not be defined
-and the function pointer this->dev_ready is set to NULL.
+and the function pointer this->legacy.dev_ready is set to NULL.
Init function
@@ -235,18 +235,18 @@ necessary information about the device.
/* Set address of NAND IO lines */
- this->IO_ADDR_R = baseaddr;
- this->IO_ADDR_W = baseaddr;
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_R = baseaddr;
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W = baseaddr;
/* Reference hardware control function */
this->hwcontrol = board_hwcontrol;
/* Set command delay time, see datasheet for correct value */
- this->chip_delay = CHIP_DEPENDEND_COMMAND_DELAY;
+ this->legacy.chip_delay = CHIP_DEPENDEND_COMMAND_DELAY;
/* Assign the device ready function, if available */
- this->dev_ready = board_dev_ready;
+ this->legacy.dev_ready = board_dev_ready;
this->eccmode = NAND_ECC_SOFT;
/* Scan to find existence of the device */
- if (nand_scan (board_mtd, 1)) {
+ if (nand_scan (this, 1)) {
err = -ENXIO;
goto out_ior;
@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ unregisters the partitions in the MTD layer.
static void __exit board_cleanup (void)
/* Release resources, unregister device */
- nand_release (board_mtd);
+ nand_release (mtd_to_nand(board_mtd));
/* unmap physical address */
@@ -336,17 +336,17 @@ connected to an address decoder.
struct nand_chip *this = mtd_to_nand(mtd);
/* Deselect all chips */
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_R &= ~BOARD_NAND_ADDR_MASK;
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W &= ~BOARD_NAND_ADDR_MASK;
switch (chip) {
case 0:
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_R |= BOARD_NAND_ADDR_CHIP0;
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W |= BOARD_NAND_ADDR_CHIP0;
case n:
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_R |= BOARD_NAND_ADDR_CHIPn;
+ this->legacy.IO_ADDR_W |= BOARD_NAND_ADDR_CHIPn;