BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2017-04-12Platforms/ARM/Juno: fix RELEASE build with new PciHostBridgeLibLeif Lindholm2 years
bbbPlatforms/TexasInstruments: Fix build for BBBLeif Lindholm3 years
chaosadd stuffLeif Lindholm2 years
killefiresetsystemlibPlatforms/ARM: move AArch64 platforms to generic ResetSystemRuntimeDxeLeif Lindholm23 months
masterInitial Omap35xx importLeif Lindholm4 years
migrate-to-tianocoreDO NOT UPSTREAM: delete Juno SCP firmware binariesLeif Lindholm2 years
testHisilicon: Add reconfig lane number featureChenhui Sun2 years
yukonMarvell Yukon: drop Juno specific requirementsLeif Lindholm3 years