BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaroMerge branch 'linaro' of ssh:// into linaroRony Nandy7 years
masterSolves a build error due to fdtlibRony Nandy7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-10-10Solves a build error due to fdtlibHEADmasterRony Nandy
2012-10-10Update SerialPortLib to implement the new mandatory API functions.Rony Nandy
2012-10-09Auto boot feature for Origen.Rony Nandy
2012-08-29 Fixes the single core switching issue.Rony Nandy
2012-08-06Forward ported to build with the latest edk2 code and work on the Origen Board.Rony Nandy
2012-08-06Fixes the DxeLibrary Dependency for the latest edk2 release.Rony Nandy
2011-11-22SmdkBoardPkg: Update CC_FLAGS for release modeGirish K S
2011-11-22OrigenBoardPkg: Update CC_FLAGS for Release modeGirish K S
2011-11-22ExynosPkg: Fix Prefetch Abort during warm bootGirish K S
2011-11-18SmdkBoardPkg: Add Non Secure Boot suppportGirish K S