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aarch64UefiDriverWizard: add AARCH64 targetLeif Lindholm23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-09UefiDriverWizard: add AARCH64 targetaarch64Leif Lindholm
2014-10-03UefiDriverWizard enable and disable menu items to prevent error messagesjcarsey
2014-10-03UEFI Driver Wizard update to add new meta data for created UEFI Drivers...jcarsey
2012-03-03Update Version and Date of READMEMichael Kinney
2012-03-03Add initial version of UEFI Driver Wizard at version 0.11Michael Kinney
2011-05-20(no commit message)Laurie Jarlstrom
2011-05-20(no commit message)Laurie Jarlstrom