AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-23Add bytes2native to successfully verify the signaturesignature_problemJoakim Bech
2016-07-21Dummy commit in the middle of some investigationJoakim Bech
2016-07-21Add python script for parsing init packet (dat-file)Joakim Bech
2016-07-20Add signature verificationJoakim Bech
2016-07-20Computing the correct hash for init_dataJoakim Bech
2016-07-20Add nordic files for init packet handlingJoakim Bech
2016-07-18Adding ability to generate NIST p-256 key pairJoakim Bech
2016-06-23Add .gitignoreJoakim Bech
2016-06-23SHA256 OK using TinyCryptJoakim Bech
2016-06-23Remove the MakefileJoakim Bech
2016-06-23First commitJoakim Bech