BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercppi_desc: add function to copy PS data area for src and dst descriptorIvan Khoronzhuk3 years
odp-mcsdk- Cppi_Desc definitionTaras Kondratiuk4 years
odp-mcsdk-  Taras Kondratiuk4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-30cppi_desc: add function to copy PS data area for src and dst descriptorHEADmasterIvan Khoronzhuk
2015-03-02Fix Cppi_Desc definitionodp-mcsdk- Kondratiuk
2014-11-06Init resource alignmentTaras Kondratiuk
2014-11-06Remove DEVICE libs on cleanTaras Kondratiuk
2014-11-06Ignore libs and objs in .gitignoreTaras Kondratiuk
2014-07-17Merged Cppi_txChannelOpenWithHwCfg from Appleton baselineJustin Sobota
2014-06-06sdocm00096613: add cache coherence to Cppi_initDescriptor()John Dowdal
2014-05-30sdocm00107944: add xge for cppi_device.c on k2eJohn Dowdal
2014-05-29sdocm00106524: remove device dependance from headers and common libraryJohn Dowdal
2014-05-29fix cut n paste error, and sync parallel build stuff from qmssJohn Dowdal