BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cpsw-switchdev-testnet/cpsw_switchdev: add switchdev mode of operation on cpsw driverIlias Apalodimas4 months
synquasher-af_xdpnet: socionext: add XDP supportIlias Apalodimas6 months
synquasher-af_xdp-page_poolnet: socionext: add XDP supportIlias Apalodimas5 months
synquasher-page_poolnet: socionext: Use page_pool APIIlias Apalodimas6 weeks
synquasher_01_page_pool_xdp_timestampsnetsec: socionext: Use xdp meta data to record timestampsIlias Apalodimas3 months
synquasher_02_page_poolnet: socionext: hack record timestamps for XDPIlias Apalodimas8 weeks
ti-cpsw-switchdevnet: cpsw: new cpsw driver based on switchdevIlias Apalodimas4 months
ti-cpsw-switchdev_02net: cpsw: new cpsw driver based on switchdevIlias Apalodimas4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-12net/cpsw_switchdev: add switchdev mode of operation on cpsw drivercpsw-switchdev-testIlias Apalodimas
2018-12-12net/cpsw: prepare cpsw for switchdev supportIlias Apalodimas
2018-08-29net/cpsw_ale: add functions to modify VLANs/MDBsIlias Apalodimas
2018-08-29net/cpsw: move common headers definitions to cpsw_priv.hIlias Apalodimas
2018-08-28Merge branch 'nfp-add-NFP5000-support'David S. Miller
2018-08-28nfp: make RTsym users handle absolute symbols correctlyJakub Kicinski
2018-08-28nfp: support access to absolute RTsymsJakub Kicinski
2018-08-28nfp: convert all RTsym users to use new read/write helpersJakub Kicinski
2018-08-28nfp: convert existing RTsym helpers to full target decodingJakub Kicinski
2018-08-28nfp: pass cpp_id to nfp_cpp_map_area()Jakub Kicinski