BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
d02Add platform d03 to platforms.configHeyi Guo3 years
d02-d03-hikeyD05M: Add D05M complier codeHeyi Guo3 years
d02-d03-hikey-rpRemove FDT_ENABLE build option for Hisilicon platformsHeyi Guo3 years
masterplatforms config: update Juno build optionsLeif Lindholm4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-08-17platforms config: update Juno build optionsHEADmasterLeif Lindholm
2015-07-27Juno: Add bl0.binLeif Lindholm
2015-07-22Drop Juno-armbds, add proper "longnames" for FVP flavoursLeif Lindholm
2015-06-12Drop APM Mustang build until we've added it backLeif Lindholm
2015-06-12Update platform config for ArmVirtPkgLeif Lindholm
2015-05-15FVP base/foundation: specify DTB_DIRLeif Lindholm
2015-05-15Build both fvp base and foundation variantsLeif Lindholm
2015-05-14Added image location for BeagleboardLeif Lindholm
2015-05-14Update platform config for first releaseLeif Lindholm
2015-05-13Update Juno to OpenPlatformPkgLeif Lindholm