BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
AArch64StandaloneMmplatforms.config: Fix for upstream patchset for qemu64_mm_standaloneFu Wei8 months
add_kvm-qemu_supportAdd qemu build support for aarch64/armFu Wei5 years
fip_bulid_supportAdd UEFI/FIP binaries installation(to a boot dir) supportFu Wei4 years
masterSet output dir for fvp_minimal targetRyan Harkin5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-06-04Set output dir for fvp_minimal targetHEADmasterRyan Harkin
2014-06-04Add fvp_no_eth target for pre-merge build and testRyan Harkin
2014-06-03Add D01 buildGuodong Xu
2014-05-22Add EDK2_ENABLE_SMSC_91X build flag to fvp*, foundationLeif Lindholm
2014-05-22make fvp and fvp_minimal the same and add fvp_fullRyan Harkin
2014-05-22fvp: set output dirRyan Harkin
2014-04-15Quote strings to prevent shell expansionRoy Franz
2014-04-15Set toolchain prefix after defining defaultsRyan Harkin
2014-04-02Improve toolchain checkingFu Wei
2014-03-29More TOOLCHAIN debugRyan Harkin