BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aarch64arm64: ignore load failed for FACS which is involved in old BIOS styleFu Wei5 years
aarch64_debugDebug (3) : fwts_acpi_tables.c ignore FACS table missing.Fu Wei4 years
facs_fixtemp: fix for FACS patchFu Wei4 years
for_upstreamACPI: a missing FACS table can be ignored under someFu Wei4 years
for_upstream_tempACPI: a missing FACS table can be ignored under someFu Wei4 years
masterlib: fwts_version.h - update to V14.11.00Alex Hung4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-18lib: fwts_version.h - update to V14.11.00HEADmasterAlex Hung
2014-11-18debian: update changelogAlex Hung
2014-11-17fwts-test: fix disassemble test to work with latest ACPICA changesColin Ian King
2014-11-17fwts-test: sync tests with new ACPICA 20141107 changesColin Ian King
2014-11-17ACPICA: update to version 20141107. (LP: #1391860)Colin Ian King
2014-11-14uefi: open efi_runtime driver with flag O_WRONLY | O_RDWRIvan Hu
2014-11-05acpi: acpidump: fix 32 bit build errorColin Ian King
2014-11-03fwts-test: update tests for the new uefirtauthvar testsIvan Hu
2014-10-29uefirtauthvar: cleanup environment for another authenticated variableIvan Hu
2014-10-29uefirtauthvar: Set and delete authenticated variable created by different key...Ivan Hu