BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
hikeyFinal ChangesShivamurthy Shastri3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-01Final ChangeshikeyShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-30Final patch for network bootingShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-26Updated VendorId and DeviceId for Apple Ethernet Adapter.Shivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-26Changes for forcing Host mode to DWC2 ControllerShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-26Network stack and driver enabled for Hikey Board UEFIShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-26phy_init() is moved to new place.Shivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-20DWC2 Host controller driverShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-20PCI Emulation code used for DWC2 driverShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-20Enable DWC2 Host Controller Driver for Hikey boardShivamurthy Shastri
2015-11-17Merge pull request #62 from hzhuang1/enhance_boot_sdFathi Boudra