AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-08-23ASoC: Pass correct platform data from pxa2xx-ac97Marek Vasut
2009-08-23ASoC: free socdev if init_card() fails in wm9705_soc_probe()Roel Kluin
2009-08-21ASoC: Add DAPM widget power decision debugfs filesMark Brown
2009-08-21ASoC: Add FSI-AK4642 sound support for SuperHKuninori Morimoto
2009-08-21ASoC: Add ak4642/ak4643 codec supportKuninori Morimoto
2009-08-21ASoC: S3C24XX: Support for Simtec Hermes boardsBen Dooks
2009-08-21ASoC: tlv320aic3x: fixup board device changesBen Dooks
2009-08-21ASoC: tlv320aic3x: Change to use device modelBen Dooks
2009-08-21ASoC: S3C24XX: Add audio core and tlv320aic23 for Simtec boardsBen Dooks
2009-08-20ASoC: OMAP: Use DMA operating mode of McBSPEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20ASoC: OMAP: Use McBSP threshold to playback and captureEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20ASoC: Always syncronize audio transfers on framesEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20ASoC: Add runtime check for RFIG and XFIGEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20ASoC: OMAP: Make DMA 64 alignedEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20ASoC: OMAP: Enable DMA burst modeEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Let element DMA mode hit retention alsoEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Do not enable wakeups for no-idle modeEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Configure NO IDLE mode for DMA mode different of thresholdEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Retain McBSP FCLK clockactivityEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Change wakeup signalsEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Wakeups utilizedEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Add link DMA mode selectionPeter Ujfalusi
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Rename thres sysfs symbolsEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP3: McBSP: Lower the maximum buffersize for McBSP1, 3, 4, 5Peter Ujfalusi
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Create and export max_(r|t)x_thres propertyEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Add transmit/receive threshold handlerEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Use appropriate value for startup delayEduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Add IRQEN, IRQSTATUS, THRESHOLD2 and THRESHOLD1 registers.Eduardo Valentin
2009-08-20OMAP: McBSP: Provide functions for ASoC frame syncronizationEero Nurkkala
2009-08-20ASoC: Add SuperH FSI driver support for ALSAKuninori Morimoto
2009-08-20ASoC: S3C24XX : Align the peroid size to the buffer sizeShine Liu
2009-08-19ALSA: Restore support for DMAless DAIs on PXAMark Brown
2009-08-19ASoC: Provide default set_bias_level() implementationMark Brown
2009-08-18ASoC: Remove duplicate ADC/DAC widgets from wm_hubs.cMark Brown
2009-08-18ASoC: Reenable S3C64xx I2S supportMark Brown
2009-08-18ASoC: Fix data format configuration for S3C64XX IISv2Joonyoung Shim
2009-08-17ASoC: Implement TDM configuration for WM8993Mark Brown
2009-08-17ASoC: Fix WM8993 MCLK configuration for high frequency MCLKsMark Brown
2009-08-17ASoC: Power speakers and headphones simultaneouslyMark Brown
2009-08-17ASoC: Fix handling of bias levels for non-DAPM codecsMark Brown
2009-08-17ASoC: UDA134X: Fix mistaken mute/unmute codeShine Liu
2009-08-17ASoC: OMAP: Enhance OMAP1510 DMA progress software counterJanusz Krzysztofik
2009-08-17ASoC: OMAP: Make use of DMA channel self linking on OMAP1510Janusz Krzysztofik
2009-08-15ASoC: Factor out cache I/O from WM8974Mark Brown
2009-08-15Merge branch 'wm8974-upstream' into for-2.6.32Mark Brown
2009-08-15ASoC: Hook i.MX into buildMark Brown
2009-08-15ASoC: Staticise unexported variablesMark Brown
2009-08-15ASoC: Remove unneeded i.MX dependency on SNDMark Brown
2009-08-15Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' into mxcMark Brown
2009-08-14ASoC: delete -spi suffix in ad1938 and free private data while registers failBarry Song