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masterinitial commitDavid A Rusling3 years
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2016-07-06initial commitHEADmasterDavid A Rusling
2016-06-29Persist ca-certificates in Alpine variants, specifically for "net/http" usage...Jeff Hodges
2016-06-28Merge pull request #98 from infosiftr/go-wrap-all-the-thingsTianon Gravi
2016-06-28Make go-wrapper sh friendly so it can be used in alpineJoe Ferguson
2016-06-28Fixed arguments added to commandAlex Bice
2016-06-28Updated alpine docker fileAlex Bice
2016-06-28Added posix compliant go-wrapper scriptAlex Bice
2016-06-16Update to 1.7beta2Tianon Gravi
2016-06-09Simplify silly syntaxTianon Gravi
2016-06-08Remove SHA1 references from update.sh now that they are also no longer requiredTianon Gravi