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masterFix up quoting in functions.shDavid A. Long6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-01-07Fix up quoting in functions.shHEADmasterDavid A. Long
2013-01-06Make the makefiles a bit cleanerDavid A. Long
2012-12-05Use host/target samples to avoid false success from loopbackDavid A. Long
2012-12-05Make sure mixer settings are trashed before test startsDavid A. Long
2012-12-05Add duplex audio testDavid A. Long
2012-12-03Move the lava-fft building to the utils dir, where it belongsDavid A. Long
2012-12-02Fix failure to copy fft utilityDavid A. Long
2012-11-26Try and get the error messages onto the consoleDavid A. Long
2012-11-21Print build log BEFORE cd'ingDavid A. Long
2012-11-21Dump last 50 lines of build log to stdout if the build failsDavid A. Long