BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/armv8_fix_low_level_accesstarget: armv8: Define extra DSCR constantsPhilip Attfield3 years
dev/clang-formatAdd .clang-format description of openocd coding styleDaniel Thompson3 years
hacking/armv8_gdb_supportDEBUG: target: aarch64: Avoid modeswitch when restoring the targetPhilip Attfield3 years
masterat91samd: Add additional "B Variant" parts from SAMD21 familyPeter D. Gray3 years
armv8_fix_low_level_accessopenocd-armv8_fix_low_level_access.tar.gz  Daniel Thompson3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-05-05at91samd: Add additional "B Variant" parts from SAMD21 familyHEADmasterPeter D. Gray
2016-05-05MIPS32 Fix typosSalvador Arroyo
2016-05-05Fix for BMIPSSalvador Arroyo
2016-05-05flash/nor: Add Infineon XMC1000 flash driverAndreas Färber
2016-05-05at91samd: Atmel SAML22 (segment LCD) family addedTomas Vanek
2016-05-05target: improve robustness of reset commandTomas Vanek
2016-05-05flash Kinetis: new KVx family addedTomas Vanek
2016-05-05Add support for Atmel AT91SAMD21E16B (B variant) and a spelling mistake.Peter D. Gray
2016-05-05flash/nor: Reorder drivers alphabeticallyAndreas Färber
2016-05-04stm32lx: Add support for lock/unlock (RDP Level 0<->1)Andreas Fritiofson