AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-04Try and retry to do a correct repo sync.reposupersyncDaniel Díaz
2015-12-03test-art-target-test: include adb patchVishal Bhoj
2015-12-03dont delete git objectsVishal Bhoj
2015-12-03enable NINJA build systemVishal Bhoj
2015-12-02reduce sync errorsVishal Bhoj
2015-12-01some git error show up. This should helpVishal Bhoj
2015-12-01add repo group supportVishal Bhoj
2015-11-30metrics: record total wait + build time as wellVishal Bhoj
2015-11-15fix target testVishal Bhoj
2015-11-14cleanup test directoryVishal Bhoj
2015-11-13Update results submission to databaseMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-13post-build-lava: Recognize Nexus 5X.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-13Break target tests into smaller testsVishal Bhoj
2015-11-13Disable debugging on target testVishal Bhoj
2015-11-12fix python request packageVishal Bhoj
2015-11-12Substitute cache partitions on Android templates.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-12Include python-requests packageVishal Bhoj
2015-11-11Download source overlayVishal Bhoj
2015-11-11fix setup-android scriptVishal Bhoj
2015-11-11metrics: Tone down the verbosity.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-11metrics: Reformat script.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-11Update e-mail address to conform to RFC 2606.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-11Enable debuggingVishal Bhoj
2015-11-08Fix target art testVishal Bhoj
2015-11-06don't install gcc-4.6 and bc commandVishal Bhoj
2015-11-06generate metrics for 10 buildsVishal Bhoj
2015-11-05Don't install packages as they are already present in docker imageVishal Bhoj
2015-11-03boot image measurement: submit results to databaseVishal Bhoj
2015-11-01Generate csv from boot Image MeasurementsVishal Bhoj
2015-11-01No need to set flags for boot Image measurementsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-30update number of builds in job metricsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-30fix cpplint source locationVishal Bhoj
2015-10-28vixl: enable test-art-host-vixlVishal Bhoj
2015-10-28vixl: test as wellVishal Bhoj
2015-10-26add job metricsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-22run vixlVishal Bhoj
2015-10-21Include clang dependencyVishal Bhoj
2015-10-21reduce threads for failing stress hosttestVishal Bhoj
2015-10-20Include vixl testVishal Bhoj
2015-10-20include 64bit and 32bit art microbenchmarksVishal Bhoj
2015-10-15fix acov testVishal Bhoj
2015-10-15Submit the right ubench jobs for nexus9Vishal Bhoj
2015-10-15Download buildbot script if missingVishal Bhoj
2015-10-13use emulator configuration for acov testVishal Bhoj
2015-10-12Run CTS based on Topic triggerVishal Bhoj
2015-10-10art target test: bump build threadsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-09fix apt-get errors. use different ubuntu serverVishal Bhoj
2015-10-06test-art-target-test: doesn't allow passing linkerVishal Bhoj
2015-10-05Add post-build-lavaVishal Bhoj
2015-09-29Install lib32ncurses5 packageVishal Bhoj