AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-01setup-host: Change permissions only for ~/.ssh/config.HEADmasterDaniel Díaz
2016-05-06hack: workaround buildbot bugVishal Bhoj
2016-03-07test-art-host-test: Fix parserVishal Bhoj
2016-02-29test-art-target-test: dump file list on the deviceVishal Bhoj unpin system/core projectVishal Bhoj
2016-02-23Revert "test-art-target-test: Include libcore test"Vishal Bhoj
2016-02-19test-art-target-test: Include libcore testVishal Bhoj
2016-02-18test-art-target-test: build with java7 againVishal Bhoj
2016-02-17test-art-target-test: enable debugging againVishal Bhoj
2016-02-17test-art-target-test: build with jackVishal Bhoj
2016-02-17test-art-host-test: record failing test and support to ignore failing testVishal Bhoj
2016-02-17test-art-target-test: unpin buildVishal Bhoj
2016-02-15test-art-host-test: reduce build threadsVishal Bhoj
2016-02-13Capture failing gtest for stable buildsVishal Bhoj
2016-02-12test-art-target-test: Pin build project to avoid java 8 and host 32bit host b...Vishal Bhoj
2016-02-11Disable debug messageVishal Bhoj
2016-02-11test-art-target-test: explicitly point out failing testVishal Bhoj
2016-02-09acov: Don't exit at build failuresVishal Bhoj
2016-02-09Fix recovery from repo sync failuresVishal Bhoj
2016-02-08Ignore tests when topic is set to NoARTTestsVishal Bhoj
2016-02-04test-art-target-test: Capture failing gtestVishal Bhoj
2016-02-02Update java8 packageVishal Bhoj
2016-02-01Revert "Add support for legacy_java7"Vishal Bhoj
2016-01-31Recover from corrupt repositoryVishal Bhoj
2016-01-29test-art-target-test: check if actual failure exist other than ignored_testsVishal Bhoj
2016-01-29test-art-target-test: Add support to ignore current_failing_testVishal Bhoj
2016-01-28Disable multi-image option for bootimagemeasurementVishal Bhoj
2016-01-27export LOCAL_MANIFEST_BRANCH and remove old lava-job-infoVishal Bhoj
2016-01-27Add support for legacy_java7Vishal Bhoj
2016-01-26test-art-target-test: Exit on broken AOSP tip or Device missing caseVishal Bhoj
2016-01-21test-art-target-test: run adb root firstVishal Bhoj
2016-01-21test-art-target-test: add more loggingVishal Bhoj
2016-01-21fix extracting overlayVishal Bhoj
2016-01-20test-art-target-test: Save dmesg and battery status as attachment to the jobVishal Bhoj
2016-01-20acov: Switch case for inner loop.Daniel Díaz
2016-01-20acov: Create directory for results if not existent.Daniel Díaz
2016-01-20acov: Reindent.Daniel Díaz
2016-01-19Dump dmesg and battery level incase of failureVishal Bhoj
2016-01-19test-art-target-test: Have separate logs for each subset of testsVishal Bhoj
2016-01-07Add an option to prevent cleaning build artifactsKevin Brodsky
2016-01-07Fix mode displayKevin Brodsky
2016-01-04Add a PINNED_MANIFEST config variableKevin Brodsky
2016-01-04Local mode for running target/host testKevin Brodsky
2016-01-04Conditions refactoring and various cleanupKevin Brodsky
2016-01-04test-art-host-test: missing $Kevin Brodsky
2015-12-10Amend repo-sync error message.Daniel Díaz
2015-12-10enable ninja for acov and bootimagemeasurementVishal Bhoj
2015-12-09We don't need adb push patch as it is fixed upstreamVishal Bhoj
2015-12-08Try and retry to do a correct repo sync.Daniel Díaz
2015-12-03test-art-target-test: include adb patchVishal Bhoj