BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fdpic-upstream[ARM] FDPIC: Implement Thumb-only PLT for FDPIC.Christophe Lyon12 months
fdpic-upstream-uclinuxfdpiceabiUpdate testsuite for new target name.Christophe Lyon12 months
fdpic-upstream-uclinuxfdpiceabi-2[ARM] FDPIC: Update testsuite so that many tests pass with arm*-uclinuxfdpice...Christophe Lyon12 months
masterUpdate my email addressYao Qi13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-14Update my email addressHEADmasterYao Qi
2018-03-14PowerPC64 debian bug 886264, out-of-line save/restore functionsAlan Modra
2018-03-14GC: Also check the local debug definition sectionH.J. Lu
2018-03-14gc.exp: Fix a typo: $LFLAGS -> $LDFLAGSH.J. Lu
2018-03-14Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-03-13Remove two cleanups using std::stringTom Tromey
2018-03-13Prevent a buffer overrun when parsing corrupt STABS debug information.Nick Clifton
2018-03-13Updated Russian and Brazilian Portuguese translations.Nick Clifton
2018-03-13Add range changing to STABS parsing functions, in order to prevent buffer ove...Nick Clifton
2018-03-13Prevent memory access violations when attempting to parse an x86_64 PE binary...Nick Clifton