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masterbug-1482: tarball names changed in ABE. Be more permissive.Christophe Lyon3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-04-06bug-1482: tarball names changed in ABE. Be more permissive.HEADmasterChristophe Lyon
2016-04-05Separator changed in new ABE versions, so accept any character.Christophe Lyon
2016-03-29Add/update comments in build scripts.Christophe Lyon
2016-03-29Add tests for bugs 1307, 1362, 1372, 1403, 1424, 1482, 1679, 1920, 697, 708, ...Christophe Lyon
2016-03-29Add Makefile.common.Christophe Lyon
2016-03-25Add forgotten file for bug 687Christophe Lyon
2016-03-25Test bug #169Christophe Lyon
2016-03-24Add README file.Christophe Lyon
2016-03-22Initial commit.Christophe Lyon