tag namedrm/tegra/for-3.19-rc1 (2abe1243476d2d33a77334c7d4a93ca458181afe)
tag date2014-11-13 16:20:11 +0100
tagged byThierry Reding <>
tagged objectcommit 7e0180e357...
drm/tegra: Changes for v3.19-rc1
The highlights in this pull request are: * IOMMU support: The Tegra DRM driver can now deal with discontiguous buffers if an IOMMU exists in the system. That means it can allocate using drm_gem_get_pages() and will map them into IOVA space via the IOMMU API. Similarly, non-contiguous PRIME buffers can be imported from a different driver, which allows better integration with gk20a (nouveau) and less hacks. * Universal planes: This is precursory work for atomic modesetting and will allow hardware cursor support to be implemented on pre-Tegra114 where RGB cursors were not supported. * DSI ganged-mode support: The DSI controller can now gang up with a second DSI controller to drive high resolution DSI panels. Besides those bigger changes there is a slew of fixes, cleanups, plugged memory leaks and so on. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJUZM29AAoJEN0jrNd/PrOhd1EP/iGBGppcPiYhFI6CC2V5IyGO j4GaNU656QQj0RNS3RH0Oby0oHdQum2rFNtHnkGYjoXFiSznId3OwVQ1+Y1s5804 BkPSR1Q3fyIfsQdGA9DEkVGuyavCEbJ9yOalIBLda456nxfkPFBJdNjq5AJDT2N1 J54MSRtV3fV5Uerd7WbmiNdLyuly4Gyyb7ApotOQEsfYvaGgobdpMRGyp38tvYbD pNDZ69iYBSJmaVaF1a/NxFw3/25CSHakY5J95R9eXK1Y3BKDBhqHo7b1L1XMt1L5 yKEy+eqjnnB7/itszjKG3dnMHunKsch9C+nyxR4xKMf036Pesz65tMbg07Pd0cIy oYZMDGdm380d0mu41LydN7zK/ZZf6bBfcZallnxk1CSEQB6BcMZhOmQP2aa8r9rU VdaNGlNio7XAjVGDsd8Y652y27NH7VJTpx3nxXB0f7eyGg7AlfLKxOFehDE+beVJ OAzRQrHJ63vOIAUg21G84W4cvpsVSG4FomgRTXC8Se6WcwP3TWD5MmOzLYNjbFnb ayuIiIfNtyu2KJU60hCOqWQg05UcWIYRkvxmdnQQcFyItmw4qJzh9ep7ebAqTx0t 0p0y5/O7KGYKS1pB7o1XJtL84N7SPiNGB3fdwiGryl9Z7hypuhKS7/lRBDTiiTAd Ok1HHSRDxTaiGhrN3TKH =v4QW -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----