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tag date2013-04-22 12:41:34 +0200
tagged byThierry Reding <>
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drm/tegra: Changes for v3.10-rc1
The bulk of this pull-request is the host1x series that has been in the works for a few months. The current implementation looks good and has been tested by several independent parties. So far no issues have been found. To be on the safe side, the new Tegra-specific DRM IOCTLs depend on staging in order to give some amount of flexibility to change them just in case. The plan is to remove that dependency once more userspace exists to verify the adequacy of the IOCTLs. Currently only the 2D engine is supported, but patches are in the works to enable 3D support on top of this framework as well. Various bits of open-source userspace exist to test the 2D and 3D support[0]. This is still a bit immature but it allows to verify that the kernel interfaces work properly. To round things off there are two smaller cleanup patches, one of them adding a new pixel format and the other removing a redundent Kconfig dependency. [0]: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJRdRPlAAoJEN0jrNd/PrOhQZIP/iu6LYuf3AvFi9iCUCX1MgQb fSpUJQM9Iv2vjnFoxRCFEqJ8DppRpp01b1tcmdna9NF/j9tiWrHHlnQHWZOpOQn/ 8BnfGeMFCh/5kkrEuIYEnb7QJdEmOpxjSx8E6Z8lUGQxEaajGDzw9P6FrlxsjI7B TKeh5pbO3B5nBHwQb0Un2aQodx4STkz1X9UmtdIqSusZor9+Y4Aw7tT0BsIEblen K3EUG17kIyqoJcgY0WYY6AiVI7OGn+v7+CRUoHD7SfNymxJAP2O/8lHCa11aZx8f Z89TwwO0T6YSNaOo3GwaUXJTv3YANIreYPt80D05z3GfmnQukNy6/ltBfQtaJnKn WTwfZtTI+mue1NjRPtkd/MuybiOABa5aeyNBj5IF/dwUYcgUDSV6kibet4eRUVt6 kncdRTfVgShDMYE7CSGD8Ty58+GUxF8ceZn5G7Qw+81bKqWeeVzCfOnIxSJ17Quw X04skLV1+qK4JcwZQyR8AujN/7CXgDMZzM7uQDUUpkEsTXRX3TPSgtoa+zUaeeIg iUv72EMZdGSAwzHAHPb3mrJY0JkePjlkVb924/BuPndUpU9GulZ7Z9AHwrBbUamn WUlRk0mYvab8GjA21f3cn97VPIo/e4iO98qDj41+t4ARKume7RzVYutvA84tjGUo ydRzUef26vIBqxTgKZIC =Y+kC -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----