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tag date2013-12-20 22:13:23 +0100
tagged byThierry Reding <>
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drm/tegra: Changes for v3.14-rc1
This series of changes brings DRM panel support as well as initial code to register DSI hosts and peripherals and bind them to DSI drivers. The panel and DSI code are both used by the simple panel driver. The Tegra-specific changes build on top of this work to add support for various panels found on Tegra boards. New drivers enable the DSI host found on Tegra114 and a special hardware block that calibrates the pads used for DSI and CSI. The host1x and the display controller drivers gain basic Tegra124 support. To round of the new features, the DRM driver now sports a very simple PRIME implementation. In addition there are various improvements such as the host1x API being exported so that client drivers (like the Tegra DRM driver) can be built as modules. HDMI now does better power management and legacy FBDEV can now be disabled via Kconfig (though it's still enabled by default). A few sparse warnings have been squashed and various parts of the code have become more robust. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJStLL5AAoJEN0jrNd/PrOhtD0QAJwhRTuEh8xCJ7pu1eK3TMh2 BYCD5UOiqnPAcDjJlTsiX0NaNQQ15+9uIjSIbbk36tfZ5cWbiP5yURYyMZp1HjvP woGqsdI4eHVXswXNPMMIeTRrQKNMoQV82uvFAnE3QsfFwdkB+9p5tSUxnqXSuJ5U ZKv1AL4FC0FdAnvugEz1lBzxqthoLm0mQ9xwkoYN2hT9ak1bnZUljfGYp2G/0xqM RqhKgboZapL4Aul8lLIqqTCgo9XS3xN8Zo8F3WwyuOYJTgGZ6EK25H2bMvPBx0NO fBNeacVd2jaCrELL6ZdsodKuu+TbHM82Sc6mZTA3YxN/E4tFUTfT++LQF7w505mA PGHiZylwfDUPhGRRA8tYEz+OVQvT1FMhKEswlhDki0RJF5OHReQdrmBl0HfiUfmn cQC9/WzGIqIP68tuuxOf8tdKHbAP1sOf7WgjFrBVX86hktN2Aq2f4dYtB7tf1c5O 1wTY+NPho8avscCycWdcqAtrgz2/KHBo4KvO7f9dqiTFa+A6KXdqe1dZaFrsPBjL N4SizpY9VW7zJnmW9dIhb7qopVNw4g9OzCfH9dmpqrCnHpNFfmXYqDuppcSz7X5h fWpXtA6iAEVIa5CE44liZWv/5SU8Mowrb8YbBgC/EoMWphDfnzporvcHe94GLNiy O1iUYmI3mv48JKs30bYD =lQsh -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----