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tag date2013-10-31 09:59:08 +0100
tagged byThierry Reding <>
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drm/tegra: Changes for v3.13-rc1
The biggest part of the changes is the decoupling of the host1x and DRM drivers followed by the move of Tegra DRM back to drivers/gpu/drm/tegra from whence it came. There is a lot of cleanup as well, and the drivers can now be properly unloaded and reloaded. HDMI support for the Tegra114 SoC was contributed by Mikko Perttunen. gr2d support was extended to Tegra114 and the gr3d driver that has been in the works for quite some time finally made it in. All pieces to run an OpenGL driver on top of an upstream kernel are now available. Support for syncpoint bases was added by Arto Merilainen. This is useful for synchronizing between command streams from different engines such as gr2d and gr3d. Erik Faye-Lund and Wei Yongjun contributed various small fixes. Thanks! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSch6LAAoJEN0jrNd/PrOhvYwP/ir8/pK0kWLdowfArmZqs1T7 YhFy3zOCDkf2FKwNshsU8gwc8qeaCkP07LUBtjg+BvPdaHBQShLmwkNLKeV6tfLn A6gtCMkJG3l52PxoM9NtRIyq9Xot8Sv1H+PNSYjKgUDrIYNYkMhgG90+Aj409Qkw bbons3/CH58ufxY47wpGTFxhsiHX/9CSOlWl2RVfyzeyi5sVG+e+it3jsCl3ma9X lmCBJuZlaZsB1xy9kQaYobpL0BiNwhTOVeh0YmUQDBxFtIcY9j2h1dOCsh4o1sPp Aht/r8OaBxCu4ykAoGByaO/Bz6PQEaX1nW776edR1dusUBOupRjmyHcz1unq1Qpo PUI0zs823WrWX863FQcG+i71wdZDmRReGPduv+94H0IT6NtQEC2fT1eJdn2DtI0L GD3d8NR92hGdYVH01tEILlrT4Rrlemb0CWr+Vf6T3LwU44Jns/9X3UnG+GVE7IwT GreK0FjCTKeNZeMKGCJ0aKwjwEd7VMiFRiuEZfoemik8X3ib8f8oCeXIX1gD1ksz vGSaSjhx//X7/hco+1DSqdPOJnXd/ZUC0AkFQ0lIJ2mQvZfwHx55uE/AFjD1WE4/ BNsTP+8C97IA/zAK241Ow+f1cLhRp1ZlgOVbFZp+EttKZ2vxRik/jV8MsBfhWJBX gIAXabh1MvhxagGaiFmb =qc03 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----