path: root/sound/soc/codecs/wm8731.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-08Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/topic/wm8711', 'asoc/topic/wm8728', 'aso...Mark Brown
2014-11-24ASoC: wm8731: Cleanup manual bias level transitionsLars-Peter Clausen
2014-11-10ASoC: wm8731: Move the deemph lock to the driver levelLars-Peter Clausen
2014-10-28ASoC: wm8731: Use the preferred form for passing a size of a structFabio Estevam
2014-07-31ASoC: wm8731: Convert to params_width()Mark Brown
2014-05-22Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/topic/ux500', 'asoc/topic/wm8731', 'asoc...Mark Brown
2014-04-25ASoC: wm8731: Use devm_regulator_bulk_get()Fabio Estevam
2014-04-14ASoC: Add snd_soc_kcontrol_codec() helper functionLars-Peter Clausen
2014-03-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/topic/io' into asoc-nextMark Brown
2014-03-11ASoC: codec: Simplify ASoC probe code.Xiubo Li
2014-02-23ASoC: wm8731: Use SOC_ENUM_SINGLE_DECL()Takashi Iwai
2014-01-02Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/topic/ad1836', 'asoc/topic/ad193x', 'aso...Mark Brown
2013-12-03ASoC: wm8731: fix dsp mode configurationBo Shen
2013-11-27ASoC: wm8731: Use IS_ENABLED() macroFabio Estevam
2013-07-30ASoC: wm8731: add rates constraintsRichard Genoud
2012-12-10ASoC: codecs: remove __dev* attributesBill Pemberton
2012-06-03ASoC: codecs: Refresh copyrights for Wolfson driversMark Brown
2012-05-12ASoC: wm8731: Convert to devm_ functionsMark Brown
2012-01-24ASoC: Convert WM8731 to direct regmap API usageMark Brown
2011-12-02ASoC: Drop unused state parameter from CODEC suspend callbackLars-Peter Clausen
2011-11-27ASoC: Remove unneeded platform_device.h inclusions from CODECsMark Brown
2011-11-23ASoC: Constify snd_soc_dai_ops structsLars-Peter Clausen
2011-11-21Merge branch 'for-3.2' into for-3.3Mark Brown
2011-11-21ASoC: Use table based init for wm8731_snd_controlsMark Brown
2011-11-21ASoC: Ensure WM8731 register cache is synced when resuming from disabledMark Brown
2011-10-10ASoC: wm8731: Convert to snd_soc_cache_syncAxel Lin
2011-07-29ASoC: Add device tree binding for WM8731Mark Brown
2011-07-05ASoC: Manage WM8731 ACTIVE bit as a supply widgetMark Brown
2011-05-26ASoC: wm8731: fix wm8731_check_osc() connected conditionNicolas Ferre
2011-03-30ASoC: Remove -codec from WM8731 driver nameMark Brown
2011-03-30ASoC: Convert WM8731 to table based DAPM setupMark Brown
2010-12-28ASoC: codecs: Remove unused reg_cache fields from device structsLars-Peter Clausen
2010-12-02ASoC: Automatically manage WM8731 deemphasisMark Brown
2010-12-02ASoC: Split WM8731 enumeration array into individual enumsMark Brown
2010-12-02ASoC: Provide WM8731 microphone boost TLV informationMark Brown
2010-12-01Merge branch 'for-2.6.37' into for-2.6.38Mark Brown
2010-12-01ASoC: WM8731: Fix incorrect mask for bypass path disableDimitris Papastamos
2010-11-22ASoC: Do not include soc-dapm.hJarkko Nikula
2010-11-16ASoC: Fix incorrect kfree in wm8731_probe error pathAxel Lin
2010-11-06ASoC: Decouple DAPM from CODECsLiam Girdwood
2010-09-30ASoC: Remove unneeded use of spi_bus_typeDimitris Papastamos
2010-09-15ASoC: Remove needless codec->bias_level assignment to SND_SOC_BIAS_OFFJarkko Nikula
2010-09-10ASoC: Fix incorrect register cache size configurationDimitris Papastamos
2010-08-17ASoC: Support non-crystal master clocks for WM8731Mark Brown
2010-08-12ASoC: Remove unneeded control_data management from Wolfson driversMark Brown
2010-08-12ASoC: multi-component - ASoC Multi-Component SupportLiam Girdwood
2010-05-20Merge branch 'topic/asoc' into for-linusTakashi Iwai
2010-05-10ASoC: Use more idiomatic driver name for WM8731Mark Brown
2010-05-10ASoC: Refactor WM8731 regulator management into bias managementMark Brown
2010-05-10ASoC: Remove unneeded suspend bias managment from CODEC driversMark Brown