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2008-04-16mac80211: rework scanning to account for probe response/beacon differenceJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mac80211: allow WDS modeJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mac80211: fix key todo list orderJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mac80211: fix spinlock recursionJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mac80211: no BSS changes to driver from beacons processed during scanningReinette Chatre
2008-04-16mac80211: further RCU fixesJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mac80211: fix key hwaccel raceJohannes Berg
2008-04-16mlme.c: fixup some merge damageJohn W. Linville
2008-04-08mac80211: fix key debugfs default_key linkJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: rename filesJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: fix key vs. sta locking problemsJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: fix sta-info pinningJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: fix defined but not usedJiri Slaby
2008-04-08mac80211: BA session debug prints changesRon Rindjunsky
2008-04-08mac80211: notify mac from low level driver (iwlwifi)Mohamed Abbas
2008-04-08mac80211: fix ieee80211_ioctl_giwrateJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: make debugfs files root-onlyJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: notify upper layers after lowerReinette Chatre
2008-04-08mac80211: clean up IEEE80211_FC useJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: fix possible sta-debugfs work lockupJohannes Berg
2008-04-08mac80211: add station aid into ieee80211_tx_controlChr
2008-04-08mac80211: add association capabilty and timing info into bss_confTomas Winkler
2008-04-08mac80211: eliminate conf_htTomas Winkler
2008-04-08Revert "mac80211: use a struct for bss->mesh_config"John W. Linville
2008-04-02Merge branch 'master' of git:// S. Miller
2008-04-01mac80211: use a struct for bss->mesh_configLuis Carlos Cobo
2008-04-01mac80211: check for mesh_config length on incoming management framesLuis Carlos Cobo
2008-04-01mac80211: use recent multicast table for all mesh multicast framesLuis Carlos Cobo
2008-04-01mac80211: fix spinlock recursion on sta expirationLuis Carlos Cobo
2008-04-01mac80211: fix deadlocks in debugfs_netdev.cLuis Carlos Cobo
2008-04-01mac80211: fix sparse complaint in ieee80211_sta_def_wmm_paramsJohannes Berg
2008-04-01mac80211: sta_info_flush() fixesJohannes Berg
2008-04-01mac80211: clean up sta_info_destroy() users wrt. RCU/lockingJohannes Berg
2008-04-01mac80211: automatically free sta struct when insertion failsJohannes Berg
2008-04-01mac80211: fix sta_info_destroy(NULL)Johannes Berg
2008-04-01mac80211 ibss: flush only stations belonging to current interfaceJohannes Berg
2008-04-01net/mac80211/debugfs_netdev.c: use of bool triggers a gcc bugAndrew Morton
2008-04-01mac80211: correct use_short_preamble handlingVladimir Koutny
2008-04-01mac80211: trigger ieee80211_sta_work after opening interfaceJan Niehusmann
2008-03-27mac80211: reorder fields to make some structures smallerJohannes Berg
2008-03-27mac80211: A-MPDU MLME use dynamic allocationRon Rindjunsky
2008-03-27mac80211: fix wrong Rx A-MPDU control via debugfsRon Rindjunsky
2008-03-27mac80211: silently accept deletion of non-existant keyJohn W. Linville
2008-03-25mac80211: configure default wmm params correctlyVladimir Koutny
2008-03-25mac80211: prevent tuning during scanningMohamed Abbas
2008-03-25mac80211: tear down of block ack sessionsRon Rindjunsky
2008-03-25mac80211: fixing debug prints for AddBA requestRon Rindjunsky
2008-03-25mac80211: fixing delba debug printRon Rindjunsky
2008-03-25mac80211: filter scan results on unusable channelsJohannes Berg
2008-03-25mac80211: use ieee80211_get_channelJohannes Berg