path: root/drivers/video/hdmi.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-27[media] hdmi: rename HDMI_AUDIO_CODING_TYPE_EXT_STREAM to _EXT_CTHans Verkuil
2015-01-27[media] hdmi: added unpack and logging functions for InfoFramesMartin Bugge
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Rename HDMI_IDENTIFIER to HDMI_IEEE_OUILespiau, Damien
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Use hdmi_vendor_infoframe for the HDMI specific infoframeLespiau, Damien
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Hook the HDMI vendor infoframe with the generic _pack()Lespiau, Damien
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Introduce helpers for the HDMI vendor specific infoframeLespiau, Damien
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Derive the bar data valid bit from the bar data fieldsLespiau, Damien
2013-08-30video/hdmi: Don't let the user of this API create invalid infoframesLespiau, Damien
2013-08-08video/hmdi: Clear the whole incoming buffer, not just the infoframe sizeDamien Lespiau
2013-08-08video/hdmi: Introduce a generic hdmi_infoframe unionDamien Lespiau
2013-08-08video/hdmi: Replace the payload length by their definesDamien Lespiau
2013-04-12video: hdmi: Relicense under MITThierry Reding
2013-02-22video: Add generic HDMI infoframe helpersThierry Reding