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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-09net: macb: constify macb configuration dataJosh Cartwright
2015-03-09can: kvaser_usb: Read all messages in a bulk-in URB bufferAhmed S. Darwish
2015-03-09can: kvaser_usb: Avoid double free on URB submission failuresAhmed S. Darwish
2015-03-09can: peak_usb: fix missing ctrlmode_ init for every devStephane Grosjean
2015-03-09can: add missing initialisations in CAN related skbuffsOliver Hartkopp
2015-03-08bgmac: Clean warning messagesPeter Senna Tschudin
2015-03-05net: fec: fix unbalanced clk disable on driver unbindStefan Agner
2015-03-05net: macb: Correct the MID field length valuePunnaiah Choudary Kalluri
2015-03-05net: gianfar: correctly determine the number of queue groupsTobias Waldekranz
2015-03-05net: bcmgenet: properly disable password matchingFlorian Fainelli
2015-03-05net: eth: xgene: fix booting with devicetreeMark Salter
2015-03-05bnx2x: Force fundamental reset for EEH recoveryBrian King
2015-03-05xen-netback: refactor xenvif_handle_frag_list()David Vrabel
2015-03-05xen-netback: unref frags when handling a from-guest skb with a frag listDavid Vrabel
2015-03-05xen-netback: return correct ethtool statsDavid Vrabel
2015-03-04ARM: fix typos in smc91x platform dataArnd Bergmann
2015-03-04team: don't traverse port list using rcu in team_set_mac_addressJiri Pirko
2015-03-04net: fec: fix rcv is not last issue when do suspend/resume testFugang Duan
2015-03-04drivers: net: xgene: fix new firmware backward compatibility with older driverIyappan Subramanian
2015-03-04bcm63xx_enet: fix poll callback.Nicolas Schichan
2015-03-04stmmac: check IRQ availability early on probeAlexey Brodkin
2015-03-03Merge git:// Torvalds
2015-03-03gianfar: Reduce logging noise seen due to phy polling if link is downGuenter Roeck
2015-03-03ibmveth: Add function to enable live MAC address changesThomas Falcon
2015-03-02sh_eth: Really fix padding of short frames on TXBen Hutchings
2015-03-02Revert "sh_eth: Enable Rx descriptor word 0 shift for r8a7790"Ben Hutchings
2015-03-02sh_eth: Fix RX recovery on R-Car in case of RX ring underrunBen Hutchings
2015-03-02sh_eth: Ensure proper ordering of descriptor active bit write/readBen Hutchings
2015-03-02net/mlx4_en: Disbale GRO for incoming loopback/selftest packetsIdo Shamay
2015-03-02net/mlx4_core: Fix wrong mask and error flow for the update-qp commandOr Gerlitz
2015-03-01net: systemport: fix software maintained statisticsFlorian Fainelli
2015-03-01net: bcmgenet: fix software maintained statisticsFlorian Fainelli
2015-03-01net: pasemi: Use setup_timer and mod_timerVaishali Thakkar
2015-03-01net: stmmac: Use setup_timer and mod_timerVaishali Thakkar
2015-03-01net: 8390: axnet_cs: Use setup_timer and mod_timerVaishali Thakkar
2015-03-01net: 8390: pcnet_cs: Use setup_timer and mod_timerVaishali Thakkar
2015-03-01net: smc91c92_cs: Use setup_timer and mod_timerVaishali Thakkar
2015-03-01netxen_nic: Fix trivial typos in commentsYannick Guerrini
2015-03-01qlcnic: Fix trivial typo in commentYannick Guerrini
2015-03-01net: ti: cpsw: add hibernation callbacksGrygorii Strashko
2015-03-01net: davinci_mdio: add hibernation callbacksGrygorii Strashko
2015-03-01sh_eth: Fix lost MAC address on kexecGeert Uytterhoeven
2015-02-28net: bcmgenet: fix throughtput regressionJaedon Shin
2015-02-28macvtap: make sure neighbour code can push ethernet headerEric Dumazet
2015-02-28Merge tag 'mac80211-for-davem-2015-02-27' of git:// S. Miller
2015-02-28drivers: net: cpsw: Set SECURE for dual_emac ucastGeorge McCollister
2015-02-28niu: fix error handling in niu_class_to_ethflow()Dan Carpenter
2015-02-28net: smc91x: use run-time configuration on all ARM machinesArnd Bergmann
2015-02-27Merge branch 'master' of git:// S. Miller
2015-02-27amd-xgbe: Request IRQs only after driver is fully setupLendacky, Thomas