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2015-04-26net: rfs: fix crash in get_rps_cpus()Eric Dumazet
2015-04-22mpls: Per-device enabling of packet inputRobert Shearman
2015-04-14Merge git:// S. Miller
2015-04-09ixgb: remove references to ifconfigStephen Hemminger
2015-04-09ixgbe: fix documentationStephen Hemminger
2015-04-09igb: doc don't refer to ifconfigStephen Hemminger
2015-04-08RDS: Documentation: Document AF_RDS, PF_RDS and SOL_RDS correctly.Sowmini Varadhan
2015-04-01can: introduce new raw socket option to join the given CAN filtersOliver Hartkopp
2015-03-24filter: introduce SKF_AD_VLAN_TPID BPF extensionMichal Sekletar
2015-03-23ipv6: add documentation for stable_secret, idgen_delay and idgen_retries knobsHannes Frederic Sowa
2015-03-23af_packet: pass checksum validation status to the userAlexander Drozdov
2015-03-20net: neighbour: Document {mcast, ucast}_solicit, mcast_resolicit.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki/吉藤英明
2015-03-18net: Add max rate tx queue attributeJohn Fastabend
2015-03-08neterion: remove reference to ifconfigstephen hemminger
2015-03-06ipv4: Documenting two sysctls for tcp PMTU probeFan Du
2015-03-04mpls: Add a sysctl to control the size of the mpls label tableEric W. Biederman
2015-03-02Merge git:// S. Miller
2015-02-25ipvs: allow rescheduling of new connections when port reuse is detectedMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-02-23pktgen: Correct documentation of module name and commandBen Hutchings
2015-02-23samples/pktgen: Add sample scripts for pktgen facilityBen Hutchings
2015-02-23pktgen: Fix grammar errors and some poor wording in documentationBen Hutchings
2015-02-23pktgen: Delete the original date from documentationBen Hutchings
2015-02-11Merge tag 'docs-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2015-02-08tcp: helpers to mitigate ACK loops by rate-limiting out-of-window dupacksNeal Cardwell
2015-02-05Merge git:// S. Miller
2015-02-05can-doc: Fixed a wrong filepath in can.txtStefan Tatschner
2015-02-02Documentation: Update netlink_mmap.txtRichard Weinberger
2015-02-02net-timestamp: no-payload option in txtimestamp testWillem de Bruijn
2015-02-02net-timestamp: no-payload optionWillem de Bruijn
2015-01-26openvswitch: Add support for unique flow IDs.Joe Stringer
2015-01-25net: ipv6: Add sysctl entry to disable MTU updates from RAHarout Hedeshian
2015-01-15Merge git:// S. Miller
2015-01-15Merge git:// S. Miller
2015-01-13net: rename vlan_tx_* helpers since "tx" is misleading thereJiri Pirko
2015-01-12update ip-sysctl.txt documentation (v2)Ani Sinha
2015-01-11doc: fix the compile fix of txtimestamp.cWillem de Bruijn
2015-01-08doc: fix the compile error of txtimestamp.cWANG Cong
2014-12-29Update of Documentation/networking/00-INDEXHenrik Austad
2014-12-23netfilter: conntrack: adjust nf_conntrack_buckets default valueMarcelo Leitner
2014-12-15fib_trie.txt: fix typoDuan Jiong
2014-12-09Documentation (ixgbe.txt): use a decimal address.Rami Rosen
2014-12-08net-timestamp: expand documentation and testWillem de Bruijn
2014-12-08net-timestamp: allow reading recv cmsg on errqueue with origin tstampWillem de Bruijn
2014-12-02net: introduce generic switch devices supportJiri Pirko
2014-11-29Merge git:// S. Miller
2014-11-25net-timestamp: Fix a documentation typoAndrew Lutomirski
2014-11-24ipvlan: Initial check-in of the IPVLAN driver.Mahesh Bandewar
2014-11-19stmmac: update driver documentationGiuseppe CAVALLARO
2014-11-06Merge git:// S. Miller
2014-11-05net: Add missing descriptions for fwmark_reflect for ipv4 and ipv6.Loganaden Velvindron